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High Hand
Aug 21, 2023
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Hey All - have a paulson classic set and looking to relabel one of the higher classic denoms to fracs for a smaller buyin cash game that will mostly use white 1s, red 5s, + [blue/green/black/purple/orange] relabeled fracs. (thinking $0.25, but could also do $0.50, not sure)

Any advice? Anyone have experience with fracs + paulson classics - relabeling one of the classic denoms to fracs or found another mold you really like that complements the whites + reds?

Thanks for your help and advice!
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Also have black felted table - so not sure if I should lean towards black fracs as that would blend more (not sure want the fracs poppin - but maybe).
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But seriously - back to fracs - blue/green/black/purple/orange - choose 1! Or ship me some pics of your fav frac for white/red 1/5 combo!
Just found a new frac inspiration - Paulson National T1000 yellow chips as fracs in a paulson classic set. Different from all of the set colorwise and keeps with the mold. Leaves room for those blue chippers at 5000 too ;)



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