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Jan 14, 2024
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EDIT: as it's been pointed out to me, there are no fracs for the classics, so looking for 1/2 cash set. Thank you!

OK after having my old thread sitting out there and thinking on it some, I am starting a new one with my scope narrowed down to just Classic.

Previously was also looking for Le Noir and WTHC, but it looks difficult to get the lower denoms needed for a cash set and Le Noirs never even had fracs to start with.

If someone has a good deal on either of those, I can 100% change my mind, but right now looking for Classics for a single table .25/.50 cash game, 600-ish chip count.

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Huh. Could've sworn I'd seen fracs for these. Thanks for pointing that out. Maybe I will reconsider the Le Noirs in light of that.

I guess we really must be the minority because the Le Noirs and WTHC are supposedly harder to find and more valuable and yet I've not gotten one single offer for Classics. Like not even some crazy highball offer or something, just no one offering them at all at any price. zip. nada.
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