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(Art piece?) Stuffed squirrels playing poker (1 Viewer)


Nov 4, 2014
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Really not sure what to think of this. My brain reacted in at least 4 different ways when I saw this. I was confused and kind of grossed out, laughed, then felt sorry for the squirrels. Only $125! http://www.kijiji.ca/v-art-collectibles/st-catharines/stuffed-squirrels/1048575579

Chairs look really uncomfortable, and the table probably belongs in the Fugly thread. I got no problems otherwise....
Definitely doesn't have the nuts with that hand.
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Haaaa! I wonder if anyone bought those guys. I would pay $10 and give it to my buddy.... or a give away here on PCF. I don't think many people would agree to pay for shipping.
Wow, just wow... lol

I am not sure where anyone would actually put such a thing to display it correctly?

I'm surprised PETA isn't all over this artwork, especially since it's promoting tobacco use by woodland creatures. Very clear animal cruelty on display here... Especially as BG pointed out, that the chairs look very uncomfortable.
Price drop to $75 !! Get it before it's gone, once-in-a-lifetime piece for your man-cave.

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