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did anyone catch the PLO hand where
-negreanu flops trips three ways
- announces on the turn that he thought he was bluffing on flop, he misread his hand but way stronger than he thought
-announces several more times for good measure
-calls the turn
-boats up on river
-check folds river
It's in his vlog from yesterday I think
Did anyone write down everything Brewer just spewed in the K9 vs 96 hand????
I want to know if he actually randomized that call/fold. Last thing he said was “so I’m folding 90-95% of the time.” And then he waited a bit. I don’t know if he found a clock to look at to randomize or what.
But if you’re legit randomizing in that spot for your tournament life, my hat is off to you.
The high stakes cash room “kings lounge” is right in the middle of the Paris tournament ball room

I didn’t see the clip but the high end chairs are the easiest giveaway, if you see those, then thats where that is
I believe the purple section of the tourney area also has those same chairs so I don’t think that’s exactly right

So close to an epic photo as a preview of the PPC... and then he decided the quality of a disposable kodak camera would do.
If anyone is still there and they can pick up this hat in L/XL then I’d be eternally grateful if you can pick one up for me. It has the WSOP logo embroidered on the right side. They only has S/M in this colour when I was there.

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If it's at the gift shop I can pick one up for you. Just send a pm to remind me
I am not a PokerGO subscriber, but I’ve caught a few of the 2 hour free previews they run on YouTube.

The commentary on the $10k NL 2-7 Single Draw final table by Chris Vitch was absolutely fantastic. Ali Nejad and Jesse Sylvia were also very good. I already knew the results of the event but still put it on to listen to kind of in the background, and they pretty thoroughly explained every situation and angle of every hand.
Scott Seiver won his 7th bracelet last night (2nd of the year) and leads the WSOP POY race.

More interesting to me though is that Jennifer Harman finished 5th which is a name I feel like I haven't heard in 10 years.
She actually plays a lot of those $10ks. She just doesn’t usually do very well.
Does anyone want to fund my docuseries where I try to figure out what ever happened to WSOP stars from the 2000s that disappeared off the face of the earth?

Did Annie Duke actually retire or was she forced out? Wanna know why Shawn Sheikhan is currently spending four years in prison? Did you know Jeff Madsen has 10 cashes at the 2024 WSOP so far? Where in the hell did Scott Fischman go? Which of your favorite 2006 poker players have passed away?

Is Prahlad Friedman still alive or did Jeffrey Lisandro finally take his head off?

Find out all of this and more in Ben's new docuseries "Unsolved Poker Mysteries".
Scott Seiver won his 7th bracelet last night (2nd of the year) and leads the WSOP POY race.

More interesting to me though is that Jennifer Harman finished 5th which is a name I feel like I haven't heard in 10 years.
Heard it was his 3rd of the year? Hope Im not spoiling something, dont know which specific events.
She actually plays a lot of those $10ks. She just doesn’t usually do very well.

Yeah I looked at her recent history at the WSOP and went "really"? I guess she came back in full force last year and I don't remember. She left for a few years during Covid because of her kidney issues but I had no idea she was playing consistently for so long.
My wife took my youngest to a dance competition this week so I had a couple days free and decided to drive out to Vegas to play the Independence Day event. Never really got a deep stack going but managed to make the money before busting out late the end of day one. A few pics:
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Mincashed the 8 game. Took 2/3 of the prize and donked it off in flip-and-go. The flip-and-go is a 30 min registration line for a 10 minute table wait for a 2 minute hand. This takes place in Normandy, which is a closet on the 2nd floor of the horseshoe. They raked this shitshow 12%. Who would withstand this torture? Seemed like a lot of people with bracelet bets. And me, an idiot.

Anyways fun hand from 8-game. Game is 2-7 triple draw, closing in on the bubble, I’m short and all in heads up OOP. Holding 8533x. We both draw 2, I improve to 88532. We both draw 1, I improve to J8532. I pat my Jack (perhaps a fish mistake, not what I would usually do, but the pairs make me think it’s decent play). He falls for it and breaks T8xxx. He pairs the deuce. Our opponent tells this story to about 11 different people for an hour while we safely blind out through the bubble. Ay oh
On break for some low limit holdem fest so sweating a local grinder at the main feature…. Noticed something. Phil Laak is not wearing shoes. What is this. Are shoes not mandatory?
I dunno what just happened. I’m down to a single 25k in the $600 donkey fest at 3k/5k.

UTG raises to 12k
UTG1 flats.
I get QQ and ship my shit for 25k. It’s literally a 25k chip. I announce who wants a count just let me know. Again, just one chip.
Folds to someone in seat 8, who jams for 110k.
That someone is Martin Kabhrel who I had no idea was at our table. I say “ oh hey!!! Thanks for the protection!”

Martin kabhrel, who I thought was talkative, does not look my way. Gives me nothing. Has KTo fwiw. Got stacked because AK called as well as 88 so what u doin over there Martin uh not good play

Anyways I quadruple up. Martin says nothing still. It’s a GD $600. What are we doin.
Martin Kabhrel’s perspective:

The 4 seat, who is borderline retardedly active, ships with a single 25K chip and makes the sad, obligatory joke about people wanting a count.

This individual has repeatedly make “RIBBBBIT” sounds whenever entering a pot and seemingly identifies as a small amphibious reptile. His VPIP can’t be measured by conventional mathematical means, and the entire table wants to banish him from all existence.

Plus this man has a purse shaped to look like a frog. He’s clearly very disturbed.

I call with KT because it’s only 25K and maybe we can get him off our particular lilly pad.

18 other players call but he inexplicably beats us with QQ, which is a clear fold there.

It seems I will mercilessly subjected to another round of poker with this incessant idiot who spends time in between hands trying to catch things with his tongue.

It’s funny - I never regretted being a poker pro until this table. I’m now questioning most of the decisions I’ve made as an adult.

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