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Nov 7, 2014
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Northern VA
The 2024 WSOP starts today with the 5K Champs Reunion and runs through July 17th.

Post anything WSOP related in this consolidated thread instead of having multiple going around. Also a great to complain about how these are worse than the RIO WSOP chips.

I am always looking for better quality pictures of any known chips and any new chips we have not seen in previous years

Current Chip Guides:

WSOP Chip Usage - 2022 Paris/Bally's Primary Paulsons
WSOP Chip Usage - 2022 Paris/Bally's Secondary Paulsons
WSOP Chip Usage - 2022 Paris/Bally's Tertiary Paulsons
WSOP Chip Usage - 2022 Paris/Bally's Paulsons - Side Events
WSOP Chip Usage - Main Event

PCF Schedule Discussion:



2024 WSOP Event Updates
2024 WSOP Schedule
PokerGo Youtube channel that sometimes shows free live coverage

Previous Threads:

First good look at the cards. Looks like another variation of the same pattern they have been using the past few years.

Discovered that there are two different secondary 500K chips.

Reddish-Pink with white or silver edgespots and Pink with what appears to be tan edgespots. Haven't been able to get a good picture of either outside of grainy stream footage. I am not sure if the pink/tan are new this year or I just haven't noticed the variations.

I'm guessing Radiant Red and Pink (or maybe Mexican Rose).


How can those yellow T1000 chips get that filthy so quickly??

Or maybe it's just color transfer. @upNdown
Probably some color transfer. Probably some dirt too. Those were in play last year, but I think that was their first year.
Confirmation they are using jumbo cards for seven card games like last year. This year they have completely different backs though which is interesting.

From the 1,500 Dealer's Choice:


Also a look at the Dealer's Choice plaques players get to go through to choose a game:



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