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Oct 29, 2014
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Day 4
Leaving Las Vegas. I don't normally have much to post on the last day. Wake up, pack up, checks and cross checks to make sure we have everything, and go. Today would be no different except we are not heading home, we are heading to Phoenix, by car. So we thought we would document that part of the journey with a few photos. You know, in case you ever want to make the Phoenix/Vegas drive.






I hope you all enjoyed the journey with us! I mean, nobody forced you to watch our vacation slide-show, so I guess it was an enjoyable, and hopefully a partially informative thread!

I did see Brett Michaels as he was also in our hotel, but didn't snap any photos, because I didn't want to be a fan-boy. Give a guy trying to relax a break. If I spotted @BiGGyT I would have taken a photo with him. Even if he was eating. Maybe even if he was in the restroom. How funny would that have been? "Look, I know you're in the shitter, I'm just going to poke my head over the stall and get a selfie with you, ok?"

Thanks for following along!

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