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Nov 6, 2014
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Pittsburgh PA
I haven't been on in a while, life has been a bit busy after changing jobs a couple of times, moving from NY to PA(any home games in the PIT north hills? or city), small children etc. I'm starting to get back in here on the forum and getting back into poker in general now. I decided that COVID is about as good as it will be so I will be traveling again and back to Vegas for the first time since 2019, my longest drought in like 15 years.

Now that the WSOP schedule finally out (, who is heading out? What is everyone playing?

I can start.

Ill be out 6/18 - 6/26 and will be playing

Tuesday 6/20 $1500 HORSE
Friday 6/23 $10k HORSE

Everything else I do will revolve around these... I'm definitely in for some cash games(nlh, plo, mixed), some TBD tourneys in between things.
Have you seen the meetup Maller in the Baller II? June 16th & 17th - come join us!
Have you seen the meetup Maller in the Baller II? June 16th & 17th - come join us!
Just took a look, but trying to convince my wife that I should leave her and 3 small children alone(in a new city away from family) for a few more days will be tough... I will see if I can score an extra couple of days but that might not be doable this year.
I’ll be there the 14-21st for the CCA convention, Mauler meet up and WSOP monster stack
I’d really love to go 7/11 for the new $600 Ultra stack.
If I get out there I would definitely be most interested in the mixed game events or 7CS. Something with smaller event numbers so you actually have a chance to make a deep run

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