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Oct 28, 2014
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East Valley, Arizona
How did your year go at poker and what do you want to change next year?

My poker year started in 2023 with beating Rampage and Jonathan Little out of $400 at the Mixed Game Festival in Resorts World and dusted half of it to Eli Elezra the next day (all 8/16 mixed).

Middle of the year I dumped a $1500 WSOP tourney to Jon Turner (pearljammed). Next day I lost $2K playing 20/40 to a guy who was playing live while playing an online WSOP event short handed against Dnegs. Also I ran into Phill Hellmuth later that month (like I literally ran into him when I turned around abruptly in Paris LV). He won a bracelet 17 hours later. I take half credit.

I won some money at the Dallas meetup. Really love that event - it’s become my favorite meetup of the year.

Towards the latter part of the year I got really drunk in a 6/12 session here in AZ and dumped a few stacks to Robert Williamson III who then tried to get invited to my home game and also tried to get me (of all people) to designated driver him to a Tuesday night homegame.

This all culminated in me waxing $3400 to a bunch of locals at the Oh-hi-lo meetup and then not playing for 2 months which is the longest stretch I’ve gone without playing since I started in 2007.

I played a few hundred hours of mixed limit games (6/12 thru 20/40) where I basically got slaughtered the second half of the year.

Played 4 NLHE sessions (1/2 to 2/5 - got winner in all 4) and some low limit HE sessions waiting for mixed limit games to open (slight winner). Home games were all mixed pot limit (slight loser after Ohio’s meetup).

What would I like to change in 2024:

1) play with bad players nobody knows
2) try to get back into low stakes NLHE
3) actually win money
4) have some good stories that don’t involve dusting, dumping, waxing, and getting felted
5) cash a WSOP tourney
6) run into Phil Hellmuth again
7) get to a meetup on Friday before 2p
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My 2023 poker experience:

I started a weekly cash game with a NLHE tourney league crowd, back in May.

Now, some months later, we play NLHE + NLO bomb pots from 7 to 10 PM, and dealer's choice bomb pots from 10 PM until close (12:30 or thereabouts). Mostly double-board variants of Hold'em and Omaha (or both!) with varying numbers of hole cards. Sometimes Dramaha, SOHE, and other stuff depending on the crowd. Got them started on Scarney last week too.

Didn't meet any famous players, didn't get to play in Robbie's Mixed Game Festivals, and only played 274 hours total, but I have had worse poker years.
2023 was even for me.

Was up a few K playing at M8trix 2/5 before WAB2 where I dusted it to @quintooo before he dusted it to @kmccormick100 and @RocAFella1




Won 6k and the WAB ME the next day but dusted it back at Bay101 and @TheRealTeddyKGB ’s game

At the June WSOP I was 0/2 in events and would have cashed but I didn’t realize how close the bubble was and I had a dinner reservation. Dusted 100bbs a little too easily.


Won every session of cash except for the final waiting-to-go-to-airport session. Won my first flag chip and had my first 5 digit trip win.


Kept winning after the summer until I bought into @Godzilla28 ‘s game for 10000bb and came out with… less.




Won a 10k pot pfai with AA in November to start F1 Vegas trip. The same night I drank alcohol out of a shoe earlier (plus other stuff) and puked in some regrettable places.



Overstayed the weekend by 1 day and lost all winnings on the year playing 10/20/40/80/200 with effectively only a 100bb bankroll. There were no tourneys being held anywhere for me to have slowed myself down Sunday night.


Currently numb to stakes below 5/10/20 but afraid to play against @doublebooyah85

2024 plans: flying to Boise for @Josh Kifer in March. WAB3 @BarrieJ3 in April. WSOP in June where I plan to play events at Aria and Wynn in addition to WSOP. Also MIB3 @Okku @Lil Tuna

Fun year. Also “dusted” is a very therapeutic word @bergs

Just had a 4-bet shove AIPF cold called by KQo in a 1-3 game at Live. I was 3-bet by QJo. Flop was J high, turn J, river K.

I had 10’s.

That about sums up how my year went
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Fuuuuuck no. I had 24 straight losing sessions at mixed limit. I had just under 600 hours played in essentially 10 months, and my hourly was south then -$20.
Sounds like you're playing in some pretty tough mixed limit games.
Attended my first meetup and loved it!

Played a lot of online poker. I think I did okay. Got tilted on New Years Eve and threw away a nice chunk of change (I need to fix that about myself).

Looking forward to multiple meetups this year (hopefully) and lots of mixed games in 2024.

I also see a few leaks in my game that need tidying up. Going to work on that.
2023 started ok, warmed up to good mid-year, and finished great. Wound up being one of my best years (money-wise and growth-wise) since the first boom ended, which was nice after 2020 being literally breakeven. My goal for 2024 is to hold on to the level of focus and insight I found for the last quarter of 2023. If I can do that, between live and online, I think I can possibly break the $100k barrier. Maybe even smash it. Here's to optimisim.
Oh good! A thread to complain about my bad beats in!

TLDR, if @CantSpellPoker didn't 2 out or 4 out me on several occasions, I'd be close to break even on the year.

Ran into some really cold decks at PHL where I dusted off (I like this term!) about 800 BB's.

Besides this I've had only two winning sessions out of about 10 since June. Combination of stickier than normal (bad) play and bad card luck.

My goal and New Years Resolution for 2024 is to play better.
Fantastic, this place helped it along. Hadn't played more than 3 little sessions between 2011-2021, but picked up cash and tournament sets and have been hosting and teaching regularly.

Tournament: The charity tournament I ran, I was distracted and played like an idiot, shoved when there was no need to. Think I was just distracted trying to deal and run rebuys and make sure snacks were out, just too many spinning plates. Not excusing, just explaining, I'm at my best when I can just chill and focus, not play host + dealer + baker + banker + player. Hurts worse because I only play one tourney a year! New Year's Resolution is to focus and do better this year.

Cash: Between a few casino trips, hosting and joining other home games, I've easily had my best year on record. Baby stakes compared to most on here but playing and doing well, 5c/10c, .25/.25, .5/.5, 1/3. I don't play enough to truly say it isn't variance but it still feels damn good. Paid a few bills and have a few racks in the mail using that poker money.

Knowledge wise, just a few more books on live games and tells and such plus a silly amount of podcasts for long drives. Feel like a much better player. It was obvious when I went to that home game as an unknown and immediately felt more comfortable playing for 5x my usual baby buyin playing games I had never really gambled in, just had better recall and reads. I don't have the muscle memory that most grinders have but its fun starting to build it up.

Good question. Happy New Year!
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My 2023 poker year, restarted my home game after 5 years off for stroke. Won my online league for 2k after being way down in points with 4 events left by winning 3 events and third on the other for another $750 in the black. Donked of $200 in my cash game by slow playing nut flush and letting my ‘sucker’ hit a boat on the River. No more trappy trappy for me. Won an event at my house which is a rarity and always where variance catches up with me, of course out of the money the other three events. Won high hand at my online league live game with four 6’s on the last hand of the night when I also won the tournament. All in all a banner year culminating with a spending spree where I spent all my winnings on chips here and elsewhere.
Results-wise, 2023 was good. Probably better than I deserved. Basically played in all of the monthly tournaments at @Irish place, and not much else. Final tabled at PHL meetup, but just shy of the money.

Would like to play more and play better in 2024. Interested in opportunities to play stakes that push me out of my comfort zone just a bit that will force me to play better.
Consistent looser in micro-cash online, winner in live games. I recorded my biggest victory ever, at almost 1,000E at .5/1E
Placed middle-of-the-pack in an $800 WSOP satellite series that myself and @Godzilla28 hosted... got to send a player to play in the WSOP Main Event, which was great.

Probably had one of my worst NLHE cash game years in a while, but did much better in home game tourneys... winning and getting 2nd in quite a few of them.

Hosted a ton of games in 2023, which makes me happy. Probably won't be able to host anywhere near close to that many this year. New baby, new job, maybe even new house... 2024 has a lot in store!
-Up a tiny bit in cash on single digit nlhe sessions, all from last week.
-Way (like way) down in live tournaments despite back-to-back $10k scores in the weekly early in the year, my ample donations to poker community financed by a once-in-a-lifetime craps run
-up a shit load of comps
-me and purse featured at pokernews again, this time bubbling at choctaw, credited as Frogzilla in the hand history lol
-Broke even in online home game PLO8.
-Basically broke even at DiD I think.
-down at WC but thems good people

Goals for 2024
-play better (probably less drinking and less aggression)
-better heart rate control
-really figure out how I’m going to collect live reads
-cash at wsop main event (thank you Texas rangers for the buy-in $$)
-no more bluffing in circus games
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2023 was my most profitable year since I started keeping track in 2017. I play small stakes so that's not saying much, but I have enough bankroll now at those stakes for about 65 buy-ins. So that's nice.

I also got a neighborhood cash game going. Lots of novices but they enjoy it and mentioned being open to learning some new games
2023 I made the decision to buy some chips and a table. Now I am here. After a 15 year hiatus from poker, started playing again. Got invited to great games hosted by other Bay Area chippers and hosted a few of my own. Started playing online again and joined a few online coaching sites. Bankroll is up about 30x from initial investment online and in live games I have done much better than I was expecting after taking so long off. Only about 175 sessions and 12k hands since August.

This year I plan on playing in more online, playing in more chipper games (looking forward to my first WaB meetup) and hope to get my feet back into live casino and card room games. After going through a few of Little’s courses, I hope to also finish the rest of his advanced courses.
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In 2023 I really transitioned into primarily playing PLO. Lots of ups and a shit ton of downs. Still made a decent amount this year even running ice cold which is a testament to how most people play PLO.

After a horrendous rake increase at my local casino I attempted to take a shot at 5/10 PLO. It was a wild game, up and down 8k at a few points but managed to book a win of $5 after 8 hours. Easiest mcflurry of my life.

In 2024 I hope to build my roll up to be able to survive constant 5/10 PLO swings.

Net positive a few hundred to the bank roll, out a few thousand to my chip sets. But mostly satisfied with the 11 sets I have so that should slow down immensely in 2024. All home games regarding the babk roll. Largest stakes were 1/2. Hosted more this year than ever before, so heading in the right direction. Played a couple tourneys in vegas this year which taught me a lot about how people fake their persona at the table. "Beware the quiet one" still rule #1. Looking forward to hosting a few tourneys, hopefully 2 tables. Happy new year. New year, same degen me :)
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