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Mar 4, 2024
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Wondering if you guys are winning or losing players over your entire lives playing poker. Personally, I've lost around 200 bucks overall. Seem to win in lower stakes but higher stakes get to me. They say poker is a skilled game, so maybe the gains will come eventually if I continue playing? hahaha
lower stakes but higher stakes

I have been attending poker meet ups for about a decade now. I have learned that the above statement is relative. Standard stakes for my group is .25/.50, $100 buy in. That is the kiddie table for a lot of people.
Pretty sure winning lifetime, but definitely since starting to keep track in 2017.
I'm up a couple hundred bucks (about 500 BB's relative to average stakes that I play) overall since I started tracking my sessions in 2022. I had a huge downswing second half of 2023 but almost made it all back in just the past two months. Which is remarkable because I'm really a terrible poker player :ninja: :LOL: :laugh:
I'd probably jump off a cliff if I was shown my net lifetime losses. Poker is just the tip of the iceberg for my gambling. I'm guessing mid 5 figures down in the last twenty years.

Sounds like you spent $2.5k on a hobby per year. Not that horrible, especially if you had decent income and savings
Based on recent PCF PokerStars tournaments, I am a

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Overall Winning... About 30 years ago I set up a separate account for my "gambling" Buy ins come out of it and winnings go into it. It's still in the black so I'm still ahead overall. ;) For me it's entertainment, I just love to play. I usually play 1/2 at the casinos (try to go once per month for a 8-10 hour session..) and .25/.50 at home. If I was playing to get rich, I'd need to invest a lot more time and have a lot bigger bankroll!!
Higher stakes would be 0.25/0.5 which isn't higher comparatively, but I'm still studying so the "large" bets do make me nervous. Usually play 0.05/0.1 which I'd always win.
No worries, just wanted to make it relative. If you're down $200 regularly buying in for $200 I'm not thinking anything of it; if you're down that much buying in for $5 at a time you probably just suck. All about buyins and big blinds.

It sounds like you're relatively new and that's fine. Keep playing and developing your game, the nerves go away when you play those stakes more and have enough money to handle some swings.
I’ve been playing off the same bankroll for as long as I can remember—going back to about 2014. A modestly losing player before that for about 5 years, creeping up to break even before starting to solidly win.

That said, I have been on the worst downswing I’ve ever had, for the past two months.

Can’t seem to win a hand without the absolute nuts. (Flop the nut straight? Villain turns a boat. Turn top set? Villain rivers a boat. River an A-high flush? Villain makes a runner-runner boat. WTF. If I were to make a straight flush I’d run into a royal.)

My bankroll is still healthy, so no trips to the ATM… But it’s a reminder of how brutal poker can be. Have to believe it will turn back around. Play right and the variance smooths out… I think?
I think I am likely a loser. Feel like I am a small winner, so that probably means I am down overall. Not enough to get the attention of the better half, so that is saying something. I play in the shallow end of the pool so it doesn't really matter either way, but I have fun with it.
I'm a winner at my micro stakes home game, and down about a buy in at 1/2. Don't get out to play much though (<100 hrs/yr), so I tell myself it's within variance.

Which is to say I'm a loser :whistle: :whistling:
Winning lifetime. Blackjack,craps,poker, ahead in all regards with craps being the closest to even. Blackjack high 4 figures up and low 5 figures poker winner. Probably because I do not gamble that often and have enjoyed numerous good streaks at medium stakes.

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