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Dec 2, 2013
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I guess last week my wife's dad got invited to do the tournament for wsop in Laughlin he's leaving tomorrow. Just found out. He didn't want anyone from the family knowing because just in case he loses right don't want everyone to talk cap I guess hope he does good

awesome, one day i'd like to try a bigger tournament like that only problem is i would need to satellite / free roll into it ;)
best of luck to your pops
and what is the cost of the ticket??
if it is small money for him, then why hide it? Adult boy should not do so .. :)
When I sit down to play, my wife constantly whines ... Not much ... I rarely lose large sums. Constantly trying to impose on me any work ..
But when I luck smiles, then everyone wants to spend the prize money :)
One summer, she said that she needed a fur coat! IN SUMMER! Fur coat!????

wish him good luck from all of us!
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