How to enforce table-talk rules without seeming like I am "taking this too seriously"? (1 Viewer)

We have been playing off and on for 15 years. Pretty experienced players that sometimes get a little lax. Most players have reacted with a positive attitude to the message, the biggest offenders apologizing in their replies, especially the guy who was dealing. Said he was just pushing cards not paying attention to the board, and admitted to scooping the board cards too quickly before pushing the pot to the wrong player. Most months the game is taken very seriously given the relatively small stakes we play for.

This is a good reaction. It shows that it was the right thing to address the issue, but also that your players are mature and can handle criticism. We had some similar situations as well, it can always happen, especially if you've been playing for a few hours and get tired.

Go search the clip of Van Luijk at the EPT Monte Carlo Main Event two days ago when they were only 3-handed. (After like 9h of play) He won the hand, but stood up, pushed his chips away (to leave) and started to shake hands before realizing that he rivere'd the 10 that won him the hand. It happens.

Edit: And go take a look at the miracle runner runner Jacks to save his ass just a day before to reach the final table lol. He had such a good run
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