Which oversize $5? (1 Viewer)

The white or the yellow?

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Royal Flush
Jun 8, 2015
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N Indiana, USA
scrub cali set.jpg

The poll says it all. Add reasons for your choice below, but only if you feel like it. I can see it both ways and don't really have a particular preference, other than the yellow chips being $40 cheaper per barrel.
Yellow. But only because it's more interesting than white.
I would change out the Eldorado $1 for a different blue $1 and definitely go with yellow $5. No competition.
Also an excellent suggestion. My feeling is that the Eldorado $1s are temporary in this set until a better fit comes along. They are the most worn.
The White just doesn’t look right there to me, those yellows look fantastic!! How many $5 sare there going to be in the total set? Only. Looking for a rack being a micro set or planning for more!! Seems like lots of people have big plans for those chips!! Looking forward to pictures of the final build!! Fellow Chipper Ben

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