What are the coolest POKER stickers decals you have ? Post some pics !!! (1 Viewer)


Mar 16, 2014
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I have my fridge covered with some wide ranging decals and such but was curious in your poker rooms if you all have any cool decals and stickers to share poker or non poker related ...

Fridge (2).jpgfridge2.jpg

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Had to post some kick ass Vegas signage as well. I made all of these into posters for the game room...... Thanks to 41pickup for the photos during his last trip to Vegas!
where's the grave yard of signs? I'm heading to Vegas on Sunday, would love to see that place
Take that Terrible's sign for me. :)
If I ever make it down to that sign graveyard... mark my words there might be a Terrible's sign that goes missing :)
The Neon Museum Las Vegas

Funny how I've been to Vegas a few times a year and only recently realized there's other things to do besides casino & shows! Thanks for posting that Deezer, I'm going to book it when I get there. PM me requests for signs to steal :cool:
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