What are the colors -cards mold manufactorers actually use? (2 Viewers)


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Nov 23, 2022
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Word on the street is alibaba only ”eyeball“ your colors, and then try to match it as good as possible.

Been using inkscape a little, to design my first tina set of chips. Apparently, inkscape has a bad rep for colors.

How can I make sure the outcome will be good?

~any sample packs ??
Colors are tough with Tina chips. Some colors like purples and greens are more difficult than others to get an accurate match. It’s better to pick colors that are brighter and more saturated, as pale or faint colors can swing a bit wild in the final print.
I have been using CMYK values and it is better than working in RGB. I’m not sure if Inkscape has CMYK capabilities, though.
@YesDawg11 there's a set of screenshots somewhere that purport to show the Pantone colors that Tinaco use.

From those screenshots and while I had a subscription to Pantone Connect (gives you access to those proprietary swatches), I built a list of the CMYK color equivalents into a PDF/ai file for ease of reference.

Since then, though, I think other posts have debunked any specific list of Pantone or CMYK colors used by Tinaco.

With that, like all the best things from the Orient, the subject of colors of Tinaco chips seem a bit shrouded in mystery.

Somewhat unrelated but what I do know for sure is that some of the latest @justincarothers ngm chips have colors that are absolutely beautiful to a level I don't think I've previously seen. It's really exciting.
All that said, if I were doing a new set, I'd design my set, pick my colors, and then provide the file to an experienced Tinaco designer here for them to tweak based on their experience and expertise.
I did my custom set in Inkscape, it was only RGB at the time. When I had my design finalized, I signed up for the 1 week free trial of Adobe Illustrator, and converted my file to CMYK.

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