Went to Grand Casino last friday for some Bingo err Blackjack (1 Viewer)

Mr. Cheese

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Aug 8, 2013
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Just thought I'd share my story from last friday being I remembered to take a quick picture of some of my winnings. Not the prettiest chips but at least they are Paulsons :).

Last Friday a buddy of mine and our girlfriends went to Grand Casino Hinckley to play some Bingo. As it turns out we missed the bingo which was a real bummer :D. Instead we played blackjack. Started out with 60 dollars on a 5 dollar table. After about an hour I was up to 200 so I colored up and cashed them in for a sweet 140 dollar profit.

Then I played 5 dollars in a penny slot machine (although minimum bet was .50 cents). After 4 spins I hit a bonus 7 spin thing and went up to 25 so I cashed out and we went and got the buffet.

I decided it was time for more blackjack but I wanted to go home with at least a hundred dollar profit so I only played with 45 dollars at another 5 dollar table. The cards were with me yet again and I turned that 45 into another 200 in about an hour and a half of play. As I was going this time I was coloring up so I had a $100, 3 $25 chips, and 5 $5 chips. I told myself I'd play until I either doubled again or I lost the 5 $5 dollar chips. Well I went down to 175 after the dealer hit 21 3 times in a row so I decided to quite while I was still up 130.

All in all the night netted me a profit of 290 dollars :)
Nice score! Leaving a casino even makes you a winner in my eyes.

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