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Apr 29, 2020
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I looked around and didn't see another thread like this, so if I missed it, please let me know with a link.

So who plays fantasy baseball of any type? Legacy or complete annual redraft? Rotisserie, or other scoring method? All MLB or League specific?

I've been playing fantasy baseball since before the internet, if you can believe it!!! Back then you had to mail in your draft lists, your lineups, and you received your weekly results by mail. Yes, it sucked!

I only played a year or two, then quit. Soon after, as the internet was more prevalent, I started playing Yahoo rotisserie. I was huge into that for a few years, often participating in 4-5 leagues each season, usually one with friends, and several public leagues. I did pretty well and won a bunch of championships, but eventually I grew tired of the daily lineup changes that you need to do in rotisserie to maximize your scoring.

Then a friend introduced me to Scoresheet Baseball. WOW! What an improvement over rotisserie! It would take too long to describe all the differences, but some of the highpoints:
  • I play the one league only option - NL
  • 10-12 teams so the rosters get deep. You had better know who the best utility players, 4th & 5th outfielders, and backup catchers are.
  • Each year you keep your 13 best players from last year, plus minors. That's right, I said minors!!! You draft and develop a small farm system!!!
  • After submitting your keeper list, there is a 22 round draft. You lose a pick at the end for every minor league player that you keep, so choose carefully.
  • Once you have your team, you set two starting lineups, one to face righty starters and one to face lefties.
  • You also rank your backups. If a starting position player misses a game or two, the software automatically subs in a backup, based on your rankings.
  • Your player's defensive capabilities (or inabilities) impact the games.
  • You can identify defensive subs to come in late in games when you are leading.
  • You select 5 starting pitchers, middle relievers and back of the bullpen closers and setup guys.
All this is done preseason. Once it's set, there is not a ton of maintenance required. If a player slumps or gets hurt, or a rookie gets called up and is on fire, you can submit a new lineup once a week, before play begins on Monday.

Then the season starts. You play actual games against your opponents in the league. 6 or 7 games each week. The software uses the actual stats of your players from that week to produce an at-bat by at-bat game and boxscore. We play a full 162 game schedule.

There is no waiver wire. Instead there are 5 additional in-season drafts of 15 more players. One is held right after the MLB amatuer player draft where you can pick up the top players just drafted out of high school and college.

Trust me, there is more, but this gives you a pretty good taste. This is definitely fantasy baseball for baseball nerds. And it's not even a money league. Just bragging rights and a cheap plastic trophy about 3 inches high! LOL.

So what do you play?
I just submitted my keeper list for this year. I have Julio Urias on my team, and I've been searching the webs to see what's going to happen to him after the domestic violence situation he got himself into. Idiot! Anyway, I saw that he's only getting a 20 game suspension, and my 13th keeper was pretty weak, so I rolled the dice and decided to keep him. Sounds like the Dodgers cut ties, so waiting to see if anyone picks him up. If anyone out there hears anything, please let me know. It will make a difference as to how may starters vs relief pitchers I need to go after in the draft.

The other interesting thing about my team is that last year was a rebuilding year for me. And I was lucky enough to finish in last place. Meaning I have the first pick in this year's draft. That means I have access to any crossover player who played in the American league last year. Which means - I'll be drafting Ohtani!!! I'm pretty pumped as it's not every year that a player of that magnitude crosses over.
So there are no other fantasy baseball players here on PCF? Bummer. I guess this thread is going to die a slow death.

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