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Oct 28, 2014
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OK, so I bought a new car. I have to get a new registration for it.

My current plate is my avatar: +EV.

My jet ski trailer plate is -EV, so, a nice pairing.

It has been suggested to me by JButler to get a new plate for the new car.

I'm not sure I feel very inspired, so I thought I'd throw it up here: suggest a new vanity plate (legal in NH) for me. If something great comes up, I might change. I'll probably do my new registration on thursday this week, so the clock is ticking.

Help me find a better vanity plate.

The new car is a deep blue. Was thinking BLURPLE might make a nice plate...

After this week, have been thinking BRICK would be appropriate.

Any inspiration would be appreciated.
this is easily worse than any beat you took this weekend. RIP BLURPLE.

Do not do BlrpChk or anything that ends in Chk. Everyone will think you're a chick. You don't want several men almost side swiping you to see who this blurp chick is....

Saw one leaving my neighborhood this weekend....."5 Bergs"
Ok. Enough clowning around. NH allows symbols on vanity plates. I know of no other state that does this. Therefore, the plate MUST contain a symbol. Your trailer is -EV. Nothing else goes with this better than +EV. Moreover, the subtle humor of -EV for a wave runner trailer is quite brilliant, but even more so when the car towing it is +EV. Ergo, the ONLY choice is self-evident.

You're welcome.

And now, since we've resolved this debate, a haiku:

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

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