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Apr 25, 2013
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I ordered a "few" labels from Gear Labels recently. 5600 labels.

The original chips are a Monte Carlo Yin Yang chip, so nothing special. They had to be cheap as I'm using a lot of them and most players don't care for the quality of the chip as long as they have denominations and they aren't a slippery as dice chips.

Gear Labels worked with me really well. Good communication, great attention to detail and excellent customer support. I'm very happy with my purchase and would recommend them to anyone.

I haven't finished relabeling all of the chips yet and had to use them in a fundraiser on the weekend and now they're all mixed together. I had the pleasure of sorting them all out so that I can finish removing and replacing the labels which I haven't done yet. This = big splashed pot.

I somehow missed taking a closeup shot of the 500's which actually match the color of the labels the best.






Here's some pro shots from Gear Labels



Looks really good. Did you have trouble removing those labels? I hadn't seen those Monte Carlos before. They're a reasonable facsimile of some of the Bud Jones designs until you get to the close ups. I'm guessing they fall short of BJ as far as sound and feel. Could be a good option though for customs at $40/rack including labels. You could even get away without a denom on the label since it's on the chip.
The labels aren't super hard to remove. The chips are kind of cheap so some of them took very little effort since it wasn't properly adhered in the first place. But for the ones which were stuck on there well I would stick a craft knife into the edge and pry up the label and is most cases I could remove it in one pull. Sometimes though, the lamination would come off but the label underneath would stay so I'd have to remove that afterwards. Once you get going though, after a few hundred you get a good rythm going and then it's easy peasy mac and cheezy.
Got myself another few thousand labels from Gear Labels to finish off my set so that I can run a 100 player tournament with lots of rebuys and add ons. My set is now at just under 4200 chips. Once again the labels came out perfect, easy to apply. Out of the thousands and thousands of labels, I didn't have any "casualties" where I had to discard any labels from mistakes. If I put a label on poorly I was able to remove it easily enough with a craft knife and reapply it.

Quick communication from Gear, happy to do more business with him in the future.
I agree 100% with Tony. Gear did some work for me and I was incredibly happy with the end result:


When I bought my set of GCOPs, it came with 20 T5s which I couldn't really fit into the set, so I asked J5 and Puggy if they would mind doing a T500k label. When I got the green light I sent them off to Gear and they came back amazing.

Sorry Tony. I didn't intend to threadjack; I just wanted others to see what amazing work Gear does and this seemed like the most appropriate place.

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