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Feb 5, 2020
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Michigan/New Jersey
Hello PCF World,

I spent the better part of the day searching the PCF database and the web for some user friendly tournament data sheets, and came up a bit shy of what I was looking for, so I decided to make one. Feel free to make a copy of this on Google Sheets/Excel and tweak it however you see fit.

I just figured I would put something hopefully user-friendly and applicable to those that run tournaments WAY more often than I ever have/would.
Feel free to give any feedback you'd like! Below are a few specifics for the sheet.

To Get Your Own:
1) Click the link:
2) Click on File--> Make a copy
3) Go crazy

This sheet is programmed to automatically populate based on: (*for 5-30 players)*
a) Total buy-in amount
b) Total number of players
c) Total number of re-buys (for the full buy-in amount)
d) Total prize pool

If you look at the screenshot, you will see the total buy-in amount is $10, and there were 15 players entered with 5 re-buys, for a grand total prize pool of $200 (without a rake).

For this scenario 4 places got paid, which puts the payout percentage between 25% and 30% players being paid out (quite generous for some).
You will also see the percentage paid to each player that cashes:
1) 42%--> $84
2) 26%--> $52
3) 18%--> $36
4) 14%--> $28

Towards the bottom of the chart (players 24-30), I sort of plucked and chose the closest percentage to what seemed to be a general consensus online with respect to percentage of the field paid out.

Again, the pay out amount/places cashing may be a bit more generous than some people are use to, but it is completely customizable, and will hopefully take the guess work out of any future tournament structures.

I'm happy to customize any payouts that you would like that fit more appropriately with your home game/tournaments, but again I just wanted to create something that was user friendly and quite frankly easier than other resources I have seen out there. I was a special education teacher in a previous life, and this quarantine has me itching to make graphs/charts!

I hope this can be helpful in some way!



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