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Feb 21, 2024
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Ok so gonna be doing a home cash game and tournaments as well. Looking at opinions on how I have it planned out and suggestions on what to change. Also following what I saw already posted for denomination on chips 10/$1,13/$5,5/$25. So going to be doing a total of 20 people for a tournament with a $20 buy in ($200 in chips) and $10 optional add-on at beginning of tournament ($300) I'd like to offer a total of 5 optional rebuys (in total not per person) of $20 for the initial $200 within the first hour. Blinds every 15 or 20 mins starting at $1/$2. Just trying to figure out when or if to do a color up, or if there's something I missed. Also would like suggestions on chip count suggestions to run something like this.
I don't know what you did or didn't miss. Your starting amounts seem fine to me. You just need enough of each denomination to give out 20 stacks of this, and enough additional 25/100 for the rebuys, add ons, and color ups.

For rebuys and add ons you can just use big chips (some combination of 25s and 100s).

Normally you will color off a chip once the blinds are such that that chip is no longer needed to post, e.g. color up the 1s right before the 10/20 level. It's convenient to schedule a break right before this level so you don't have to do the color up during play.

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