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Well, did you see the video?
There have been literally hundreds since it’s start all saying the same thing
I don’t need another since I’m not keeping any
I don’t buy into USDT will crash and cause all crypto to be zero
It’s a good tool for Times like now to hold dollars waiting to buy the bottom or sell at the top waiting to buy back if you trade

I’m not a trader so I guess I never cared and don’t really buy into that scare stuff much at all
Using USDC requires an extra step, but well worth the effort. You can give this a try and see how it works. Just open a Coinbase account. You don't even have to fund it...just put a minimal amount of money in it if you like. I don';t want to turn this into a crypto or USDC thread, but I think PCFers should really begin to consider this. NOT paying with CRYPTO , i.s. Bitcoin, ETH, etc., but USDC...which is very different.

Problem is when the cool kids start using certain terminology, it scares everyone off.

AS I mentioned, you can open an account at Coinbase. then connect it to your bank account. These steps are very similar to PayPal or Venmo. Once the connection is established and verified, you can go to Coinbase, but $100 worth of USDC...and Coinbase deducts $100 from your bank account... you send it to another Coinbase user using their email address... this is exactly like PayPal... and they get $100 worth of USDC... they sell their USDC and get $100 in US DOLLAR in their Coinbase account... all these transactions so far are FREE. Then they can transfer that $100 (US Dollars) to their own linked bank account...just like PayPal... and there is still no fee.

The only fee that I am aware of is IF someone has their crypto account outside of Coinbase (for example Binance) and they send you USDC... they incur a very small fee.
If I pay with Tiger Coin crypto, will I still have to pay tax?
it's been a super busy couple of days, but hopefully round one of the tourney chip business will be done by tomorrow and we can move on to the cash sets...

Primary cash set sales is this weekend.... and I will post prices sometime tomorrow afternoon....

Domestic/U.S. shipping will be FREE for anyone using USDC. I will give equivalent credit to international buyers (but, as always, prefer to ship domestically to your re-shipper).

I am even considering a drawing for all who would use USDC and give away a cool prize once all of this madness is over (will be in a month or two) ... maybe a free sample set or a rack of chips... TBD... but there will be extra credit for people using USDC to pay.
Would you take payment in 1 oz gold bars?
Oh boy, I ALREADY regret not getting a tourney set (for the tourneys that my guys don't play).

Damn, they look GREAT. Congrats to all those smarter than me, who grabbed a set!
Oh boy, I ALREADY regret not getting a tourney set (for the tourneys that my guys don't play).

Damn, they look GREAT. Congrats to all those smarter than me, who grabbed a set!
I can only underline those statements.

I totally dropped the ball on this one
Looking for “anecdata”. Who tried for a set and didn’t get picked? (I’m assuming demand exceeded supply.)
I would expect there would be more noise here if people who wanted sets were unable to get them.

My assumption is that what people wanted and couldn't get were likely addons (I've seen people mention the NCVs a couple times).

Just my best guess.
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