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Jan 28, 2020
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I just paid for 2 custom Pharaoh USA card tables. So Excited!!!! Round 60" with dining top and a 108" Texas Hold 'Em with dining top. Both with matching chairs. I will make sure I get pics when they get delivered and set up. I'm getting my basement finished with a bar. Silver and Black mainly for the colors to match a certain Major League Baseball team. Anyone have any experience with Pharaoh. Up until now, they have been great to work with.
Same here looking forward to some pics... BTW what was the pricing on there chairs of you don't mind sharing

$300 were the armless. The complex matching wood panels with armrests were $900.

There were a couple intermediate priced designs but their $300 were actually nicer.

I’ll post some picks when they arrive
$300 were the armless. The complex matching wood panels with armrests were $900.

There were a couple intermediate priced designs but their $300 were actually nicer.

I’ll post some picks when they arrive

Nice!! I think you will enjoy armless chairs and the 108" table. The longer tables fit 9 players and a dealer much better and everyone has some elbow room.
I’m very excited. I just got off the phone with them today discussing my custom felts.
Very excited to report that the tables have been completed and are shipping some time in the next week. Very exciting.

Here are the requested pics.
Nice bases!
I wanted a classic base yet modern. These were definitely that. I loved some of their more aggressive style like the Luxor (a V shape) and Cleopatra (a U shape) designs but as a dining and conference table, I don’t think it would have looked as nice.
Wow, nice! I should not watch these awesome table pr0ns because i get so jelous every time watching them.
So an update involving my table set ups and my basement finish.

Good news and bad news.

The bad news first.

My basement finishing project was cruising along, even with the mass hysteria and stay at home orders over the past 2 weeks. My contractors were working well on time and all the supplies and home improvement stores were considered essential. This week was going to be the finish line, flooring, tile, cabinet completion, and granite for my bar. Things were perfect...


The cabinet manufacturer has suspended operations because of chinese importation restriction and factory shutdown in china (I'm not proud of going with chinese cabinets but it was decided upon long before the current events, and going custom cabinets would triple the price for half the quality - long story). The main issue is that 2 of the cabinets for the bar are on back order along with the vanity for the bathroom,. Backorder right now means at least 2 months.


So the good news...

I'm an essential employee (very essential) so I still have a job, and my family and I are healthy (**knock on wood**) so this is really 1st world problems.

The other good news, to stay on topic, is that the only parts in my basement that the current events are affecting are the bar and vanity.


The floor and tile will likely be done by midweek and painting completes the finish along with doors and trim. The plan is for the tables to be set up by the weekend if everything goes as planned. The granite, cabinets, and vanity will be on hold until likely June, but my New York City apartment sized crates can be emptied and set up.

Very exciting. I will make sure to post pictures once the tables are set up.
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Another update.

Since Monday, my contractor found out that the cabinet manufacturer had cleared all their backorders and that my remaining cabinets were in stock. Fast forward to today and the remaining cabinets have been installed and granite measuring and install will likely happen next week.

Timeline of entire completion is now around 2 weeks.

I'll make sure to get some pictures when I'm down there tomorrow.

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