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Saw on the Web a couple of days ago a picture of Bill Russell and Frank Robinson, with a caption mentioning that they were classmates and basketball teammates in high school in San Francisco. Two of their other class and teammates were Vada Pinson and Curt Flood -- must have been one hell of a team!

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September 13, 2014: The Father to Son Game

Dodgers 17 Giants 0
Worst loss in Giants history. (By score anyway)

My client had brought me as a "thank you" gift & we were sitting directly to the left of the Fodgers Dugout in the front row. She gave me arguably the best seat as you can look directly into the dugout and have "conversations" with the players.

The Giants were getting crushed that game so it gave Manager Bruce Bochy an opportunity to do something that's never happened in the history of baseball: He handed the ball to his son RHP Brett who had just been called up a few days earlier. This was his 1st time pitching in the Majors!!

Brett's 1st victim was Yasiel Puig: Giants Enemy #1. What happened? Struck him out & weasled out of a bases loaded jam to get out of the inning.

For all you East Coast Only fans who know nothing about any teams west of the Mississippi, the Giants hang wooden K's on the wall for each Strike Out.

That following Christmas the same client who brought me to that game gave me this amazing continuation gift:


The actual K that was hung on the wall! (Almost as cool as MadBums storybook finish to that year's WS in Game 7)
Watching the Bums take the WS in 2020. Everyone can call it a Mickey Mouse WS but after watching them choke continuously my entire life (Born in 89) it was nice to see them actually win for once. Glad the Claw got a ring before he hangs up the spikes.
So, baseball has never really been my sport. I didn't grow up with it as my dad wasn't really a sports guy, though he told tales of watching the Dodgers when he and my uncles were kids growing up in Brooklyn as well as playing stickball in the streets. I don't follow the game, but I sure love going to a game. It might seem cliche, but it's absolutely true that there is nothing better than seeing live sports in person, and there's just something about baseball that makes it so much better.

A handful of favorites:


DBacks game in the lower seats in the outfield.


Another DBacks game, but in the second layer seats with and c/o some friends from L.A. The second layer seats are nice! Not just beer and hotdog vendors here, but delivered chow from the nice restaurants here as well.


Including a good view of the mascot races! :love:


One of my L.A. friends is a big Cubs fan, so spring training in Phoenix was a must-do for her several years back. After probably 50 photos, I finally caught the moment of contact with the bat!


A game on a trip to L.A. with the same friends from above. They're not Dodgers fans, but we were obligated to go for the game against the Giants (their other favorite team). This was fun for the old stadium, no roof and a perfect southern California weather evening. A foul ball landed a row down and two seats over. I never had a chance of catching it, but it was exciting for the moments it was clearly heading our way!

A trip to Fenway is on the bucket list as is Wrigley just to say I've been to games at those historic parks. Wrigley is also important to check off another item on the "Ferris Bueller Tour of Chicago".
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Each spring, anything seems possible.
Then by the end of the second week, I'm reminded that the Mariners suck, and have always sucked my entire life. LOL.

Learn to drop down a bunt, DUDE!!
2004 World Series Game 2 at Fenway park, AKA Schillings second bloody sock game. Went with my 86 year old grandfather, who had lived his entire life during the Bambino curse. It was the last home game the Sox would play that Series as they went on to Sweep the Cardinals in 4 Games and reverse the curse.

The most emotional game for me was opening day 2005, and seeing them raise the banner.

The smile on the Sandman’s face when the Fenway crowd gave him the loud mock cheer when he was announced before the game is one of my favorite moments
The smile on the Sandman’s face when the Fenway crowd gave him the loud mock cheer when he was announced before the game is one of my favorite moments
I’m obviously not a Sox fan at all given me allegiance to the Bombers, but I’ll give Sox fans their due - they’re generally very passionate and knowledgeable about the game and really engaged with the team. That moment made me laugh too and was a weird sort of respect.
How could I have possibly forgotten the most Boston thing that I ever did while living in New England? My wife and I were in the park for the first game after the city had been shut down after the marathon bombing, the afternoon after they found the guy hiding in a boat the night before, when Big Papi uttered the now iconic words "This is our f***ing city." Just happened to have tickets for the game. It was pretty freaking incredible.
A bunch of buddies of mine had partial season tickets to the phillies after we graduated from the University of Delaware. We were in the Vet, just a terrible stadium. I can't remember how many fights I saw in there. My favorite one was where a couple of idiots got into it right under the scoreboard in the outfield of the 700 level. We watched them as the tumbled down the empty seats toward the bottom of the upper deck. There was a moment where everyone in the stadium wondered if they were going to roll all the way down and over the rail. They didn't but it was exciting to watch.

One time a buddy bet everyone that he could eat nine hot dogs in nine innings on dollar hot dog night. He was cruising through it but I think the decision to put spicy mustard on all of them caught up with them. He got to seven, them stopped talking to everyone and just sat there for an inning. ended up puking it up into a souvenir soda cup that was likely somebody else's. I still remind him of that to this day.
I went to my first, love, pro game when I was about ten years old. Saw the A’s in Oakland. Asked my dad to get me a foul ball. Within a few innings, a ball comes our way, my dad grabs it, and I still have it forty years later. Cherished memory.

Not sure what else happened during the game.
I was at the game in SF when Bonds tied and broke Willie Mays’ home run record. I was also at the game at Oakland when he tied Babe Ruth. Very surreal. I highly doubt we will ever see another player like him in our lifetime.

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