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Nov 6, 2014
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Los Angeles
Hello again!

Since a critical mass has moved to this forum I wanted to re-post my "The Boulevard" sample set thread to make communication easier (or at least possible). Please let me know if you see this thread and are still wanting to order the same quantity of sample sets. Also, if your username has changed could you please let me know. Thanks!

Here is the set in question:


I received the following sample set requests from chiptalk members. Please confirm your order if you are now on this forum:

From Chiptalk:

Ben - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Spikeithard - 1 (confirmed) (PAID)
jbutler (Jbutler16 on chiptalk) - 1 (confirmed on PCF) - (PAID)
Liftapint - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
K9dr - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
LabMonkey (Jgielen on Chiptalk) - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Ezmoneyrmj - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Redbelly - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Manamongkids - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
BGinGA - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Puggy - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Ibetoneverything - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Joepro - 1
Chip joker (Cu3 o_O on Chiptalk) - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
12thman - (PAID)
Jeff - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Jfcj - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Quicksilver75 - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Cdnbeerlover - 2 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Trihonda - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Ronoh - 1 (confirmed on PCF)
Bta15 - 1 (PAID)
SixSpeedFury - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Johnnycnote - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Lucky dog - 1 (PAID)
Shaggy (shaggy pe on Chiptalk) - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Rowdy rawhide - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
Don Clay (Fort Knox on Chiptalk) - 2 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)
BNM -1 (bowelsnomove) ( PAID)
Stocky - 1 (confirmed) (PAID)
Gopher blue - 1 (confirmed) (PAID)
Chp td - 1 (confirmed on PCF)
Ranger764 - 1 (confirmed on PCH) (PAID)
Orsonberger - 1 (confirmed on PCH) (PAID)
Eglide73 - 1 (confirmed on PCH) (PAID)
Plyrgyst - tbd
Ceramicmike - 2 (confirmed) (PAid)
Tiltedfish - 1 (confirmed) (PAID)
Harrysallout - 1 (confirmed on PCF) (PAID)

From PCF:

MrCheese - 1 (PAID)
PAZ - 1 (PAID)
brains613 - 1
mr hanky - 1 (PAID)
Bubble - 2 (PAID)
Gear - (PAID)
Tommy - 1 (PAID)
Krony - 1 (PAID)
Justsomedude - 1 (PAID)
DarPodo - 1
Cyberotweiller - 1 (PAID)
Courage - 1 (PAID)
Payback - 1 (PAID)
Frenchchipper - 1 (PAID)

In progress..
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can you please replace Fort Knox (other site) to Don Clay,
Present, accounted for, and still in dire need of a Boulevard sample set!

Glad you made it over in the transition :D
I LOVE this set, but am not a collector. I would rather play on them if I was ever able to swing by Cali [emoji41]
My name was jgielen on CT and I'm definitely still in for a set. Thanks for bringing the thread over here.
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This was all we needed to get the FDLS presses rolling. Start some sample threads [emoji38]
For all those across the boarder we can go together to save shipping. I would handle re shipping.
I want to change mine to 2 sample sets. Thanks!
Please put me in for 1 sample set too. Thanks!

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