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Jun 15, 2018
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We typically only have one table, but are expanding and may need two tables in the near future. As we will probably have a transition time where some night's we have one table and some nights two tables, I'm not ready to spring for a second table just yet and would like to just have a table topper to roll out for night's when we spread 2 tables.

Been searching Amazon and these three seem to be some of the better ones. Any help or suggestions on these three, or perhaps, something else that I'm missing?

1584500661300.png GAMELAND 70 x 35 Inch ( - currently $60

1584500470152.png SLOWPLAY Godel Texas Hold'em Poker Mat ( - currently $60

1584500585770.png Firstand Professional Sure Sick Rubber Foam Poker Table Top ( - currently $79

What's more preferable - oval or rectangle? Specific material of the topper? Any guidance here is much appreciated.
^^^^^^^ This

My brother has the 3rd one in the OP. The quality is fine, but the padding is not thick enough for a proper shuffle. You can’t press into it to get under the cards.

PCF toppers are the nuts. I have one now, and they are awesome.

Put up a wanted ad. They turn up often.

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