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Jul 16, 2023
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Purchased 2 Triton Tables for our home game recently and love them. However, there is one thing that annoys the players and it’s hard to pickup the cards from the table topper as there is no give in the material and little padding on the actual table.

We are in the process of purchasing some Open Cell Rubber - EPDM 1/8inch to put on the table that the topper will sit on. We received a sample and it was so small it was hard to effectively test.

Has anyone had this issue on a Triton Table. Thoughts??


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I know that @louBdub has one of these tables. You could also do a custom table topper with @rjdev7. I know that has enough padding to pick up cards nicely.
Your players are weird.

The triton toppers are the nicest ones I have felt and played on. Thicker by far, much heavier & air hockey slick.

I’ve tried pretty much every single topper mat that exists, and the triton topper is above them all.
So I am following this as i was looking at picking up a table as well. Let me know if the rubber underneath is the fix.
I recently played on one of these and agree with the OP. The topper is I little too slick to pitch cards and a little too thin to pick them up.

It’s so slick that you can deal bank shots off of other players chips. It really has an air hockey feel.

As far as picking up the cards a quick fix is to just press hard on the back edge of the cards. This will cause the front edge to lift up slightly so that your thumb can fit underneath.

Other that that’s it’s a great table. Nothing feels cheap about it, it’s super sturdy when deployed and very convenient for those who need a fold away table.

I didn’t originally care for the breaks in the rail pad but found that it was a convenient place for players to keep their phones.
We are having trouble sourcing the rubber and will likely go with 1/4inch..

Its minor but are looking for perfection. There toppers are great quality.

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