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Royal Flush
Mar 23, 2013
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Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) has proposed needless and unnecessary changes to railroad retirement, a sound pension system that costs the taxpayers nothing yet is solvent as it is completely funded by railroad workers and the rail industry itself. These changes will adversely affect current railroad employees and retirees and their families, increasing their taxes while decreasing their benefits, while saving the taxpayer nothing. Railroad workers currently pay higher taxes than most citizens to fund this system, and there is no need to force them to pay higher taxes to fund something that is solvent. Further, this budget proposal will decrease the benefits of current retirees. This is completely unnecessary as well, as retirees should not be penalized for something they paid into their entire careers. Please contact your elected officials to stop these unneeded changes to the Railroad Retirement System.

Please help us out...

come on, Tommy, i'm sure this guy knows what he's doing.


how depressing that this numbnuts is what qualifies as an "intellectual" in politics these days. we're so backwards that a truly bright guy like ted cruz (bright ideological agreement btw) spends half his time trying to talk like a hick to convince voters he's just a good ol' boy while this bag of dicks has somehow fooled the GOP that he could pass a freshman logic course just because he carries around a copy of the fountainhead.
Really? Do you have a link to anything that demonstrates this, video or written? (Asking this sincerely, since I haven't seen any evidence of it. Honestly.)

i have a couple friends who went to school with him and they agree - fire-breathing liberals, both - that he is extremely smart and i trust each of their opinions.

i don't really have much in the way of hard evidence (though this globe profile notes that he was believed by classmates to be bright, which would corroborate what i've heard), i suspect because he seems to have done all he can to downplay his intellect in order to get the "he's one of us" vote from the mouth-breathers.
Paul Ryan is trying to keep up with that d-bag governor of ours; Scooter Walker.
I find it ironic that the party of free market suddenly decides to interfere with contracts freely signed by employers.

No, I'm not a liberal or progressive. In fact I was labeled a RINO and kicked out of the party.
Ya, I am... er was, a conservative until our Governor started torching our state (trashing half the state that didn't follow his view on politics). Hey dumb as$, even if you don't like half the people in WI, ya gotta live next to them, and it's your job to represent everyone in the state.
Thank for the help and support!
Not sure why. It said it was a success the other day after 30,000 signatures. We were closing in on 40,000 today. Maybe it made it. Thanks for all the help and support!

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