GB Completed PCFDBGB09 - GREATEST HITS (dealer buttons & accessory chips) (2 Viewers)

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If they can't afford to tell the person running them or person shipping to take the 30 seconds and check artwork for each item then they may as well automate the whole thing and have it autoprint like walmart photo vs paying for a premium service.
Yes, this was a big order but from the sounds of it there was an amount of messed up printings, not just one and a decent amount of people affected by their lack of quality control measures. Maybe you were just lucky, or maybe they just had a crappy don't care worker the day our stuff was made.
The fact replacements had to be made in the first place may very well affect any future business sent or not sent their way.
Ok just stop it right here. Every single business - every single one - makes mistakes. Humans aren’t infallible. I guarantee you have bought things or had services done that weren’t perfect. It happens. What separates the good businesses from the bad ones is how they respond to their mistakes. And BR Pro responded with typical great customer service.
If I wasn't out of town from Friday thru Monday, I would be done with my re-shipping. As it stands now, I still have about 35 packages to send out the door.

I have received the replacement dealer buttons from BR Pro and everything is perfect.

More good news is that pretty much everything remaining will be shipped in SFRBs (or larger), which are easier to pack and tape than the bubble mailers. I plan to have everything out the door by Friday morning at the latest. You will receive a USPS tracking number via PM when your package is wrapped up.

Thanks again for your patience. I usually take pride in getting group buy shipments out the door quickly, but this group buy was a monster, and has kind of kicked my butt.

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@Colquhoun did a great job on those designs. They're all amazing, but I think the soccer ball is my favorite. And I never played soccer.

I have noticed a glaring absence of a hockey puck dealer button......?
I'm excited for the 8 ball button and almost ordered multiples....probably should have.
I can remember there were several games where a magic 8 ball was used as a dealer button...honestly I am surprised (likely cost/market size) know one ever marketed a gambling magic 8 ball.....shake call, shake raise, shake all in etc... maybe I missed he product...or a similar with game types show up with each shake...shake (hold me), shake (7 card stud), shake (omaha)....
In the next group buy we need items not seen I a while
- reserved seating button
- missed blind
- smal/big
- hi low (not mario)
- kill button
- buy in buttons

What about other games
Catan? Resource cards etc..
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