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Extra 10% off used Golden Palace BG primary chips (up to 35% off)

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Huge discounts on overstock denoms!

Imperia Abbiati
$45 a rack, $200 per 500 chips, $375 per 1000 chips if you take only 5 or/and 100 denom chips.

UPD: The excess fives are sold out.

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Awesome deal, love those BG’s! Wish I had room in the vault for these but I’m full up!
Hello, 1 rack of each denom = 200$? Do you have 2 racks of each denom?
Is the label easy to take off?
So, are you saying I could do a 1000 chip limit set with 900 x 5s and 100 x 100s for $375 shipped?
Yes, at the moment, while I have enough fives.
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Special offer on excess stock! Valid until the end of March.

800 Imperia Abbiati 100s (black)

800 x 100 denom chips

$260 shipped in EU
$280 shipped in US

Last day of this sale I believe. Great offer from a great seller!

I have a mixed used set of BG Crystal Moscow/Golden Palace, some of the best plastics out there in my opinion. With sale prices, it's possible to get a 1000 piece set for less than $1000, with a few hundred oversized chips. If you're on the fence about getting a set, now's a great time.
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