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Nov 7, 2014
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Crystal Casino, Moscow, Russia

Made by Bourgogne et Grasset (B&G) in France.

The chips are casino used condition, a little dirty and need cleaning.

5 – 40mm
25 – 40mm
100 – 43mm with diffraction inlay
500 – 45mm with hologram inlay
1000 – 45mm
10000 – 45mm

The 25, 100 and 500 denom chips have exactly the same edge spot pattern as the Golden Palace chips. So you can order a mixed set if you want.

Non-denom green 44mm jetons – $25/barrel
White/blue non-denom ceramic – $0.3/chip
Blue non-denom ceramic – $0.25/chip SOLD OUT
Pink non-denom ceramic, worse condition – $0.2/chip
Pink non-denom ceramic, better condition – $0.3/chip SOLD OUT
1 ceramic, worse condition – $0.2/chip
1 ceramic, slightly better condition – $0.3/chip
5 – $1.2/chip SOLD OUT
25 – $1.2/chip
100 – $1.5/chip
500 – $1.8/chip, can not exceed 6% of your total order (with only plastic chips taken into account)
1000 – $3/chip, can not exceed 2% of your total order (with only plastic chips taken into account)
10000 – $4/chip, can not exceed 10% of your total order (with only plastic chips taken into account)

Free worldwide shipping with a minimum order of 300 plastic chips or 500 ceramic chips.

Please PM me to order.






Hologram inlay of the 500s:

Condition of the ceramic chips:

Non-denom Crystal logo jetons (nice bounties) – 44mm, 6g each. $25 per barrel.
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Am I being blind or is the single missing from the pics?
The 1s are ceramic chips and therefore left out in the photos I guess.

You can however buy them:
"1 ceramic – $0.2/chip in worse condition, $0.3/chip in slightly better condition "
:) Very happy I had a second chance at these!! Cant wait. Thanks Stas!
Do you sale sample of each BG chips ? Sorry for my english !! ☺️
Just received the 2nd package today Stas! Thank you so much, amazing chips and bombproof packing.
Comment deleted (special offer expired)
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Up to 50% off until the end of February:
  • Buy 500 chips to get 10% off
  • Buy 1000 chips to get 20% off
  • Extra 10% off if you buy ONLY 25 and/or 100 denom chips
  • Extra 10% off if payment with crypto
  • Extra 10% off if shipping to Europe

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