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Nov 7, 2014
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Imperia Casino, Moscow, Russia

Made by Abbiati Casino Equipment in Italy.

Casino used condition.

$0.75 per chip. Free worldwide shipping with a minimum order of 500 chips.

The 2.50s are SOLD OUT.

Sample set, 5 chips – $18 shipped.

Please PM me to order.


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Just receive 400 of them today, those chips are amazing in perfect condition, flashy colors and snapping grear when shuffling. Thanks a lot ! :tup:
Got mine too, nice set, excellent condition !
Some racks broken during transport but not the fault of the seller, i recommend !
These chips are almost sold out. The remaining sets are listed below.

The following offers are valid for European members until the end of the year.

$60 a rack shipped if you pay with crypto, or $67 a rack shipped if you pay via PayPal F&F.

Set #1
190 x 1
150 x 5
100 x 25
60 x 100
500 chips total
$300 shipped

Set #2
200 x 5
200 x 25
200 x 100
600 chips total
$360 shipped

Set #3
500 x 100
$250 shipped ($50 a rack)
Absolutely want dibs if these are indeed still available, haven't seen you on in a while but did send a PM.

At the very least, if they aren't available anymore, hopefully just seeing a new response to the thread may do some good as I am very, very determined to get my hands on some of these!

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