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Excited to share the newest addition-
Holds 10x 80mm dealer buttons.
Red or Blue USB LED or no light.
Chip flattening racks in the works including blank 43mm ceramics I am buying in bulk to keep cost down. Should be here in the next few weeks. Stay tuned.
Bulk order of blank ceramics will be here Tuesday April 9th.
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So, for CPC and Tina Cards molds chips, would you recommend: 39.5-40mm Sparky Stacker Pair?
So, for CPC and Tina Cards molds chips, would you recommend: 39.5-40mm Sparky Stacker Pair?
The very few CPC I have measure 39.54-39.61mm diameter.
I just checked fitment and they do fit the 39.5-40mm Stacker. They are too big to fit the 39-39.5 version.

The cards mold ceramics I have measure 39.1-39.24mm
They will fit both fine but there will be a slightly larger gap between chips when using the larger Stacker.

I only have one cards mold chip on hand.
These ceramics measure similar in the range of 39.1-39.2mm.
The resulting gap is 1-1.3mm ish between stacks of chips.

If that's acceptable then I'd recommend just the larger for both. If not, I'd recommend one pair of each size.

Hope that helps.


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This is the gap when using 39-39.5mm version for comparison.

The 40mm one will result in similar gap with the CPCs.
Received my Sparky Stacker pair and it’s awesome! Free 10 chip holder was a very nice gift. Thank you Ryan!
I'm 40 mm rack curious, if you make those.
Even better if can make to fit specific barrel height. Though I suppose close enough to a nearest barrel height may make more sense for the masses. The cost plus international postage is of concern; not looking for discounts (get paid, Sparky) but would want to know first.
Adaptor plates, rack stackers, button trays, and shuffle stack trays — this is fantastic! I’m sure this has taken quite a while to customize and tune. Great work my dude

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