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Jan 20, 2020
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Cleaned up the original post. Immediately below is what I still have left.

Game Over Bounties x 75 $120 $105 + shipping (47mm)
or $35 $30/barrel + shipping
or $20 $18/half barrel + shipping
Princess $500 x 5 $35 + shipping (60mm) SOLD

OP below
Ever since I moved 40,000+ chips to a new house in August, I SWORE to myself I would trim things down. 5 months later I’ve got 5 new sets or projects well underway and significant growth on at least 3 others

So to make myself feel even a little bit better about my resolution to trim down, I offer up my SPW tournament and cash sets for sale, along with the accessories that go with them.

The cash set has a rack of the $0.25 that saw the felt once, but all other chips are brand new from BRpro. All chips are on the standard blanks. Set breakdowns are below with the associated photos and prices.

There are some accessories that will be held in reserve until main sets are sold. If the buyers of those sets decline the option to buy those accessories, I will honor the dibs in this thread in the order specified below

No splits at this time. No Apache racks are included, but may be negotiated by the buyers if desired. International shipping will be available at cost, but I’m going to give the US folks first crack at these. I’ll open it up to all on 1/2/24. Payments via PPFF. Shipping insurance available at the buyers cost. Chips will be shipped via USPS. Topper will be shipped either USPS or UPS.

Tournament Set $625 + shipping SOLD

Luigi t25: 171
Bowser t100: 172
Mario t500: 120
Diddy t1000: 141
Princess t5000: 111
Koopa t25000: 45 (43mm)
Total: 760
Dealer button

Cash Set $725 + Shipping SOLD

Donkey $0.25: 211
Yoshi $1: 312
Mario $5: 232
Princess $20: 63 (43mm)
Bowser $100: 43 (43mm)
Total: 861
Dealer button

Cash “plaques”
Bowser $100: 15 10 (60mm) SOLD
Princess $500: 10 5 (60mm) $35

Game Over Bounties: 85 75 (47mm) $120 or $35/barrel or $20/ half barrel + shipping
All In tokens: 60 30 (47mm) $45 or $35/barrel or $20/half barrel + shipping
Rebuy tokens: 44 (47mm) $70 SOLD
Dealer Button: $10 SOLD

* Available 1.) To the party buying the tourney set and/or the cash set 2.) General dibs order will be honored with larger requests given preference

**Table Top Bundle: $165 + actual shipping costs SOLD
Seating chip tokens: 10 (1 set)
Table Topper (5mm thick, sewn edge)

As always, please let me know if you’ve got any questions!


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Would love to know price for barrels/racks of DK 25c and Mario 5s for cash set. Thanks!
If you're looking to add more quarters and fives onto the set, it'd probably run you between $100 and $180/rack depending on how many you were looking to add on. They base the unit price on the total quantity of the chips in a given order.
Just bought 200 chips to complete my spw sets and ran close to $200 at the end. I shoulda held out for a used set but didn't feel like waiting.
Thanks for the tag. GLWS!
Anybody that missed the recent group buy should jump on this.
No splits on the cash set yet, but I’ll open all items up for dibs and purchase regardless of cash set sale status.

If you wanted something and haven’t received a PM from me, reach out!
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