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Aug 24, 2021
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I made a 2024 resolution to reduce negativity and to put more positivity out into the world. While I'm not sure I can commit to the first half of that resolution, I can definitely actively contribute to the latter half. Though I refuse to contribute funds to be a Supporting Member or Supporting Plus Member, I do want to contribute to members more directly - thus, this giveaway.
I can totally relate and I'm joining this cause!
(@jpietrella Hopefully you don't mind I'm borrowing parts of your format and reason for give away)

Giveaway options-
1 Pair of Sparky Stackers
1 Card tray
2 Chip Trays
1 Dealer Button Tray

I will cover shipping anywhere in the US to the winner and will ship internationally paying up to a $10 shipping credit towards that cost.

In order to be entered into giveaway, you must:
  1. Post one person, place or thing you are thankful for in 2024.
Entries deadline UPDATED to Sunday 1/21/24 @ 7pm CST. Drawing to follow.

24 names will be picked from a hat to play Texas Holdem.
4 hands of 6 players each in the order picked.

Winners will choose from 1 of the options above (a few example pics below) along with preference of chip size and color if applicable.
In the event of a winning tie, winners will still choose and additional items will be added if needed.

Sparky Stacker options- (pick two)
Chip size- 39mm-39.5mm or 39.5mm-40mm
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey

Card tray options-
With or without hidden 60mm DB slot.
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Grey

Chip Tray options- (Pick two)
Chip diameter 39mm, 43mm, 47mm
Tiny or Jumbo wall thickness
Single stack or double stack
5 or 10 chips per stack
Black, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Grey

Dealer button tray-
Black or Grey
Fits 60mm

1. Chips not included and for display purposes only.
2. These are not for sale and this is intended for Giveaway only.
3. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery but most likely much less.


Happy New Year!
I Wish You All Good Health and Good Fortune!
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First and foremost, I’m thankful for my family and my health (although my health could be better, but that’s all my doing). I’m also thankful for this community. You all are an “ok” bunch of people.
I am thankful every single day for my SHOEI full-face helmet. I got rear-ended on my motorcycle while waiting to make a left turn by a moron in a pickup truck who was looking at his phone. The helmet is covered in scratches and definitely saved my life.

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