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Jan 17, 2023
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What is the general consensus with a solid Frac in a mixed Paulson RHC set? I’ve seen some solid blue roulettes that look awesome and would make great .25 cent chips for this line up but keep thinking I should find something with an edge spot like the Santa Fe’s I’ve seen in the classifieds

Waiting on labels for the below from Gear but gives you an idea of colours

I’ve always had solid, hot-stamped fracs because they seem to be more common, historically speaking, than anything else.
But as always, do what you like.
Solid fracs are fine! Spotted fracs are fine!

Personally, I think fracs are the only time you can get away with solids in cash games.

And I usually use pink (relabeled snappers) or blue (relabeled $1 Vegas) because they are easy to get.

Yellow is another frac color to consider (Cali color $5) for you lineup.
If your talking about those Hollywood blue frac's they could be a good fit for your set. Otherwise you are looking at relabeling.
You ain't kidding! Absolutely gorgeous

The problem is Hot Stamped RHC fracs are no where near as "common" as people probably think. Definitely a few options out there in the $.50 denom... but quarters are hard to find!

As others have said... yellow is perfect here too, but I only kmow of one casino that made yellow HS quarters and other than mine I have never seen them in quantity

Absolutely nothing wrong with spotted also, like many for right now I went with the Rivers quarters for my IG set

Same edge spots as the $1 and yes different mold... but it works.

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