Seidel just won his 10th bracelet. (1 Viewer)


Royal Flush
Aug 8, 2016
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This guy is so quietly goaty. We hear about Hellmuth because he’s got the most bracelets and Negreanu because he goes after the toughest competition but why don’t we hear more about Erik Seidel? He just beat a field of 137, including many of the best in the world, at the $50k NLHE. And now he’s 7th on the all time money list and tied with Doyle and Ivey and Johnny Chan with 10 bracelets.
Over the past few years, Daniel has marketed himself as the old school guy who’s learned the new tricks, and taken on the GTO wizards at the highest stakes. But we’ve ignored that Seidel has done the same, with great results, because he just keeps his head down and plays. I think you could make and argument that Seidel is the goat.

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