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Apr 5, 2013
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So after a few years of not really cashing in anything I would consider a bigger tourney and in resent months concentrating on my cash game I entered a PLO home game with 120 $ buyin re-entry that had twenty runners (including re-entries) I placed second for 630$.

So here is a mini tr
PLO 120$ buyin
Starting stack of 4500 blinds start at 25/50
I was running good I was catching good hands and they were hitting on about the 12-20 hand I doubled up with a A10 nut flush when the player to my left ( we will call him villain from now on) had the third nut flush and went all in on the turn (he re-entered )
My next big hand was against him as well It was in the third level i had about 5 times the starting stack and flopped two pair with a flush and straight draw the player to my right puts out a small bet then I pot it villain repots another player tanks for three mins then folds mostly because I was after him ( I gained his respect in first two levels ) initial raiser insta folds I do some math incorrectly ( forgot to take into affect the two hands that folded probably had my outs ) so I call and lose still had about 10k left so I learned and chugged on. not to much happened the rest of the tourney untill the end. I was playing some small ball poker keeping the pot small trying not risk my whole stack bring a bit of a nit really.
We got down to three and I had lost a few pots with good hands and bad flops and was short stacked. Doubled up off villain chip leader three times each time with jacks witch became a joke 1-jacks full 2- tens full of jacks 3- jacks. Witch in turn tilted the guy that ended up getting third because his attempt to fold his way up the money didn't work. Two hands later he is out yay me.

Two hands later I lose to villain. He had jacks joke continues

The best part for me ( don't get me wrong the money is nice) is that at my starting table to my right is a wsop circuit winner and to my left is wsop event 32 winner ( villain).

Thank you for reading hope you enjoyed
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Great story. Sounds like you played well and cashed. If I read correctly you finished 3rd?
Awesome story. That's a nice chunk to take home. Time to go buy some chips with your winnings! ;)

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