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Mar 23, 2013
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Found this while searching this morning...

pokerchip-cabinet1.jpg pokerchip-cabinet2.jpg pokerchip-cabinet3.jpg pokerchip-cabinet4.jpg
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Nice looking cabinet. I'd want a glass cover for it so the chippies don't get dusty!
Yeah now that the guy has a nice cabinet he needs to upgrade his chips!
Maybe they are just test chips. ;)
Looks like it's time for me to draw up some plans. My wooden chip trays don't fit in a birdcage so I don't have anywhere to store them.
Maybe you can sell RTA chip cabinets with heavy duty ball bearing slides ;)
That's an absolutely gorgeous cabinet. I'd love to have one in teak.

It's a shame the cabinet is worth at LEAST ten times the value of what it was built to contain and display. Seriously... I wonder what kind of thought process is going on in someone's mind that makes them think it's a great idea to pour a bunch of money and time and effort into building such a beautiful piece of furniture, only to use it to hold some cheap plastic dice chips?! That's so insane, I can't even bring myself to make a PRO POKER chips joke about it. :eek:
Thread is two years old... Lol. Link does not appear to be valid
I was able to find it again. Uploaded the pics this time. FP updated.

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