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Mar 24, 2017
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I have been searching the Internet for poker chip nicknames. I have found most but cannot find any nickname for the $1, $100, and $50,000 chips. Does someone know the answers?

$1 nickname: ?

$5 nickname: Nickels

$25 nickname: Quarters

$100 nickname: ?

$500 nickname: Barney

$1,000 nickname: Bananas

$5,000 nickname: Flags

$10,000 nickname: Pumpkins

$25,000 nickname: Melons

$50,000 nickname: ?

$100,000 nickname: Sasquatch
this one we called WATERMELON

this one CZACHA "SKULL" for obvious reasons
3 racks of high society (3 racks or $100s) wasn’t even a true nickname or sayin’. The writers completely made it up.
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Not sure there is a $50k chip?

Here on PCF we refer to several $25s as watermelons due to the green base chip color with pink/red edge spots.
Crystal Park nicknames
$1 blueberries
$ 5 bumblebees
$25 primary Jamaican red stripes
$25 secondary Olive the aboves
I guess the real tough nicknames to find are for the $1 white and $100 black chips.
What would the $5k nickname be for the Taj Mahal chip? Doesn’t seem like “flag” would fit.


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Taj Mahal flag chip would have to be Orange, White and Green :)
Maybe start with the $1 and switch up the pink edge spots for green ones.
Haha I think I see what you did there, I like it.

I already got two racks of $1, so I don’t think I’ll be customizing those.

I only have one $5k chip, so I suppose I could customize that. Doesn’t seem like there is a known nickname for it (like pumpkin for the $1k, and Barney for the $500).

Tonight will be the first time I get my $25, $100, and $500 in play for a T2000 STT. Looking forward to saying “watermelon” when the $25’s get bet.
25 is a pony, 500 is a monkey. More nicknames for the amount than the chip specifically I suppose, like nickels and quarters.

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