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Nov 9, 2023
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I'm building my first set of custom chips and want to stick with the most established standard colors. Here's what I have found so far:

.25 - ?
$1 - White
$5 - Red
$25 - Green
$100 - Black
$500 - Purple
$1,000 - Yellow
$5,000 - ?
$25,000 - ?

What I want to know, is what do YOU think is the best base color for the .25 frac, the $5,000, and the $25,000 chips?

Your answers could alter the course of human history! Kidding, but it could help me decide what to go with. :p
same lol


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Frac colour is really dependent on the rest of the lineup. I have green, pink, arc yellow/peach, brown and blaze fracs in my various sets.

For the lineup listed in the OP, I’d certainly consider pink or blue for the frac.
Blue or pink

Is this a cash set?
You’ll never have a quarter in a $5000 on the same table so I would circle back to the baby blue or a 5000. But if it were me I would be running plaques or 43 mm.
25c pink
$1 blue
$5 red
$20 yellow
$25 light green
$100 black
$500 lavender
$1000 orange
$5000 grey
$25000 dark green
$100k white

No confusing, conflicting, or duplicate colors.


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