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I hadn’t seen a play over in many years yet I came back to my seat a couple of months ago and found someone playing over my chips. This happened at Ballys Shreveport in a 15/30 half kill game where I had $1300 in play. I think this was only the second time anyone ever played over my stack. I never liked it and still don’t. When I first came to Vegas in the 1990s it was common but I always felt uncomfortable playing over.

I remember the rule at Plaza in LV. You can ask for a play over as soon as someone missed a blind. If the player returned you had to give up the seat on your next bb or if the original player was willing to post early you would have to give up the seat then. It was almost always a cordial interaction with the returning player letting the seated player to play until his blind.
I remember some old grouch at Orleans when I dealt there had a little home made plaque made up that said “No Playover No Chop”. The no chop was for cash games meaning he wouldn’t chop the blinds he played.
This whole premise sounds ridiculous.

If you're only away from the table for a brief period, your seat and stack (and anything else you have lying around) should remain unmolested.

If you're away for a long time (2 orbits? half-hour?), and people are waiting for a seat, your stack should get picked up from the table and stored off to the side for you to pick up when you're ready to play poker. And you should have to get back in line with everyone else.
Wtf? No. No one’s playing over anything lol

We had a busy night recently, out of town friends, more than a table of people

After a few hours a couple guys were willing to give up there seat and take a break, grab coffee and a smoke etc.

Put their chips in a ziploc, put there name on it and then put that in the area where you keep the chips and money, which should be handled by one and no more than two people.

When a person felted or cashed out down they grabbed their bag and sat down. At an already crowded table let’s not ad a Tupperware bowl over a stack
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I have a couple. I used them for my heads-up tournament night. I’d allow players to play in the cash game that started up, but then leave to play their heads up match. A player that was currently not in a match was welcome to take their seat.
When I played PLO at Potawatomi 15 years ago, let you have 2hr dinner reseating break and used playover boxes to not have seat stay empty.


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