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Jun 2, 2013
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Replace cheap paper money -> much more fun!

My family plays lots of non-gambling card games (pitch, variations of rummy, 8 to 1) and just recently we started keeping score with chips. It works quite well. I like this idea of using chips for monopoly.
That idea was first posted a couple years ago on the blue page. We have been using PNY's for money for over a year now. It is much easier than that flimsy paper junk.
This is brilliant. My 7-year-old son loves to play, and he loves poker chips. Win-win!
I had mentioned this same thing in the Hall of Fame Thread. It is one of the reasons that I think it is impossible to determine a "correct" or a "best" breakdown for a set of chips, because we only use chips for any game that uses money. I find it goes much faster paying rent on the cheaper properties when using chips instead of paper.
We've been doing this also and I never play Monopoly with money anymore. Chips 'r' awesome.

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