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Feb 25, 2016
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This would be an eight-person event over the weekend. Most that are participating are in their 50's and not world class athletes; still, I want it to be a weekend commitment. You could skip an event, but then you're losing the opportunity to score points. $100 entry fee (everyone covers their own costs for the games/greens fees/entries, etc.). $25 goes to each event winner and the overall winner takes the remaining $500 (with $50 allocated to a trophy).

I have 8 players in mind. In considering events, I wanted a mix with some favoring players in our group while other events favoring other players in the group. Tentative events:

Friday (at a local bar):
  1. Darts (301/801 or cricket, single or double elimination)
  2. Foosball tournament (single or double elimination)
  3. Billiards tournament (8 ball, single or double elimination)
  1. Golf - 9 holes, stroke play (not really a pub sport...unless we're playing Golden Tee...hmmmm) longest drive/closest to the pin bonus points
  2. Bocce tournament (single or double elimination)
  3. Bowling - 2 or 3 games; bonus points for most marks or most strikes
  4. Poker tournament (NLHE/PLO RxR freezeout) - bonus for most eliminations
  1. Skeet shooting (3 rounds/best combined score)
  2. Curling (more of a team sport) -- maybe shuffleboard
  3. Monopoly/Scrabble (considered Secret Hitler, but that is a team game... I also considered the horse racing game, but that is pure gamble).
Other events I considered were
  • archery
  • axe throwing
  • fowling
  • skeeball
  • pop-a-shot (basketball or football)
  • go karts (worried about someone having a faster kart and having too great of an advantage)
  • paintball (more of a team sport, we'd have to figure out scoring)
  • fishing (?) -- most fish/biggest fish bonus points (everyone would need a license and gear, tho)
  • frisbee golf
  • horseshoes
  • cornhole
  • ping pong (not sure if anyone in the group has a table)
All "seedings/seatings" would be be random draw. Also thinking this could be an annual event, with the winner being able to replace an event the following year with an activity of his choosing (subject to approval).

I need to figure out a scoring structure, but I would like each event to be worth the same points. It could be as simple as 10 points for the winner and 3 points for 8th, or I could do something less linear, something that awards more points for winning by a larger margin. I also would like to add bonus points, but I'd have to figure out bonus points for each event.

Has anyone done this before?
Thoughts on events?
Any suggestions for different activities?
Thoughts on scoring?
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I’ve done this several times as I love any form of hosting and general fun hijinks. Although historically mine has been done with younger fellas/coworkers. I haven’t done one in about 6-7 years.

I started creating one when I moved to Cali for our locals, but too hard to get people to commit to various activities throughout the year.

Historically I’ve only done it over a 6 month+ period, interesting to wrap it up in a weekend and prob makes it way easier.

I think the biggest issue/thing that makes it a success is making it equalish footing for all involved by manipulating the games and points systems.


Interesting to pick a tournament.
The other item is that your teams are for the already equalish events like board games.

Dependent on your players, it might be fun or helpful to have teams built in for some of the physical as well. I.e.if you have a guy that just generally wins at everything, good to mix him up with others for golf scramble/bestball, 2v2 basketball, etc.

Also I know this is antithesis compared to everything else listed, but I found video games always made for a surprise amount of fun. I know you mentioned older fellas so not sure how much they’d enjoy, but we’ve been quite competitive and had a ton of fun with things like wii sports, Mario kart racing, and Mario party.
Do you have a pinball machine bar near you? They are pretty popular here now. Pinball tournament would be fun, you guys are of that age…..

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