My First Time Ever On A Livestreamed PLO Game (1 Viewer)

Anthony Martino

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Sep 26, 2015
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Round Rock, TX
This week be sure to catch me on the PLO Stream from Texas Card House - Austin. I'm playing 1/2/5 PLO with buyins up to 1K and match the stack. The stream will be viewable at 7pm Eastern, 6pm Central and 4pm Pacific times on Thursday, January 5th (that's tomorrow!) on the TCH Live Channel at

This is my first ever session on stream and I'm really excited for it and I hope you can all make it and pop into chat to show your support. If this gets enough views/likes/chat they're looking to do a monthly PLO stream which would be amazing!

Be aware this actually was a session played last week, they filmed it but weren't doing any streaming during the holiday week. But there were no announcers at the time of filming, so they'll be reacting to the game as they watch just like the viewers.

There's a hand near the end of the stream that I was involved in that I think will probably be the biggest/most interesting hand of the night, so looking forward to everyones reactions to it.
Oh wait it's from last week. I hope you ran pure last week?

They didn't stream anything during the holiday week so as far as I'm aware the announcers will be reacting as they watch, which really isn't much different than if they were in the booth that night reacting, they're still seeing the action for the 1st time
Can't wait, I have the channel up so I can watch it when they release it
"Patty gets HIS Ace", jfc wtf?!!
Rahul AJ1010
Patty KKJX

Do these nitwits get paid to commentate?

Can't even spot a flush draw, you can actually hear him trying to think
The other shouldn't ever speak in public, Fry talking and drop likes like he's a valley girl

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