My first 1/3 NL Session at Silks Poker Room Tampa (1 Viewer)

Anthony Martino

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Sep 26, 2015
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Round Rock, TX
Finally found some time to get down to the poker room and play some 1/3 NL ($500 max buyin)

Managed to have some interesting hands, about to go to bed so will just give brief overviews and post some chip porn

- Raised pre with KK, got a loose/aggressive guy to call with 78 s00ted OOP, flop a gutshot, call my flop bet of $30 when the board was all low cards, then when the board paired deuces on the turn he bet $60, I called. River was a 9 and he bet $120 and I made the call and got a nice boost

- UTG tight player raised pre to $9, I was next to act with AK off and popped it to $25, folded to him, he made it $85 and I got outta dodge

- UTG player raised to $10 pre, next to act called, folds to me in BB, I just call with AK suited. Flop is AT2 with two clubs, I just check-call her bet as does the other player. Turn is a 6, again check-called. River is a 6 paired the board, I check again, she checks, other player bets $30 and we both call. He flips over :jc::6c: and called a UTG preflop raise from UTG+1 with that hand, flopped a flush draw and then caught running 6's to scoop us, lol

- Multiple players limp, hero limps with :ah::6h: Flop is :as::th::td: and it's checked around. Turn is :jh: and checked to a lady who bets $10, Hero and another player call. River is :3h:, lady again bets $10, Hero and another player call. She flips over :tc::ts: for flopped quads and won just about the minimum, and Hero lost the min with his nut flush on the paired board

- Villain from the previous KK vs 78 s00ted hand raises pre to $16, one caller, hero repops to $75 holding :kc::ks:. Villain cold-calls. Flop is :ah::tc::7h: both players check. Turn is :8h: and Villain leads for $50, hero calls. River is :9c:, Villain shakes his head and looks disappointed while checking. Hero checks behind, Villain flips up :ac::js: and wins the pot.

I'm sure there were some more hands since I came away with a profit, but right now they're escaping me. On to the chip porn



Maybe time to go pro? ;)

I need to clear $24.27/hr after 20 hours of play before I can even consider this! (y) :thumbsup:

Remember that the black jack tables and any game with a wheel are not your friend. . . .

Just saying -=- DrStrange

PS have fun!

I suck at Blackjack. I get a 20, dealer always has 21. I stay away from house-edge games

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