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May 23, 2015
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Hy everybody,
I m Cyril freom France
And i m chips addict...

I was clean since two years after above 8 years of full addiction.
Since two years my life was very nice..

I wasn t spending all my time looking for new chips on eBay all the nigths.
I wasn t spending all my money buying new chips every week.
i was able to play with my chips before sold them to buy new.
i was sleping very will, no need to be wake up at 2am cause to the chiproom sell or to an eBay auction end.
i was able to spend some time with my wife en children without be obsess by chips.

Saddly, my addiction is back...
and i m ready to dream of pron every night.


I m happy to see a new active chips forum, thanks to the pokerchipforum creator.

And thanks to mister Paulson, Jones, King ;), bourgogne, grasset and all the others chips inventors
All addicts need to learn the serenity prayer..."Sadly, my addiction is back". No reason to be sad. Remember the prayer to the chip god.

"Chipgod, grant me the serenity to accept what I can't change,...then some other stuff about courage and wisdom, blah, blah, blah."

Enjoy the forthcoming chipset!!
Welcome here Cyril,

You'll see very quickly how great this place is, experts advising, poker room, frequent giveaways, free adds, and many more,

For PCF members, you'll see how Cyril is a Labelling master project soon ;)
Welcome... I am newly addicted and learning from the veterans.
Welcome! show your chips sets I want to see if I can resist :)

one day, casanova was talking with a friend at a party.
His friend ask to him, "please show me which girl in the room, you still bring back to your bed";
Casanova answer was: "are you sure? it will be faster if i show you those that i havn t still bring back in my bed ":)

It s the same for me, i m so seek that i should have had more than 50 différent sets.
I keeped some of them less than a month and i have never play with 90% of them..

is somebody know a good chips detoxification center ?:(
Hi Cyril, I laughed at your title. Same here, my addiction is back in recent times! I'm Jeremy from Australia and am new to this forum. Hoping to learn and do some trading :)
I'm assuming they don't give you some sort of Chip to celebrate you being clean.

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