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Jul 11, 2017
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Hudson Valley, NY
I’m wondering if there are any members who own metal detectors… Looking for buying advice for my first purchase.

I own about 250 acres, which are crisscrossed with stone walls, as well as several abandoned house foundations. Most of these date from the 19th century, some earlier.

I gather that the borders of such walls are a great place to do metal detecting, because wall-builders inevitably would lose objects as they worked. Civil War uniform buttons, old coins and keys seem to be common finds in my area.

Old foundations of course are obvious prospecting sites.

What type of detectors would people recommend? Much of what I would be looking for would be below the surface, due to the accumulation of dirt and leaf litter etc. over 100 to 250 years.
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My initial research indicates that much like poker chips, there is a lot of entry-level crap on the market, while the sky is the limit on prices for high-end metal detectors.

So I’m not looking for either the equivalent of dice chips or RPCs in a metal detector. Maybe something more like the metal detector version of lightly-used Paulson solids.

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