Measuring the Hustler stream betting line/racetrack (1 Viewer)

Jun 17, 2023
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Atlanta, GA
Scrolling through these forms, I seldom found any threads discussing the dimensions of the racetrack itself [this could be that I didn’t search properly lol]Instead, most discussions focused on the distance between the racetrack and the end of the table. I was watching the hustler stream, and I wondered what the dimensions are. Using my Faded Spade cards, I used my shitty photoshop skills to arrive at a rough, approximate measurement for their racetrack.

Long end to long end: 49 1/2 Inch

Side to side 14 1/2 inch

This prompted me to open up this discussion. I know distance is essential for making orders, but I think there’s value to the racetrack dimensions from both the dealer(s) and the players perspective. Being someone new to ordering custom toppers I found it useful to understand these dimensions, and then adjusting from there, “okay, I have space, but maybe the players need more breathing room for chip stacks”. Have you guys ever measured your table dimensions like this?


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I think the reason measurements from the rail are typically given vs the size of the betting area is because the size of the betting area depends on how big the table is overall. You wouldn’t want the same size betting area as hustler on a 6 person smaller oval, for example.

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