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Dec 9, 2014
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I just ran a 15 player hold em tournament to fund raise for a charity in Thailand. It was successful in terms of funds raised, but I've got some issues about play and rebuys.

Buy in was 500SR (126 bucks USD), unlimited rebuys until the second break (2 hours). We raked 50% after rebuys to the charity. T500 and blinds were not so steep. These players have money but there is quite a range among them. For some 500 was a stretch while others would easily pay 3000.

15 players and a total of 42 buy ins. I'm a bit worried about this group of 3 guys who might possibly be chip dumping to each other. Unfortunately, I was playing at the other table so I could not watch the play. Some other players were commenting to me later about never being able to see any cards for less than a shove after the break because one or two guys had big stacks (inflated by the huge amount of rebuys). Those stacks negated the mellow blind structure. I'm doing this again in November and want to make a few changes.

Buy in for same amount, limited 2 rebuys before the first break. Try to get 3 tables which will dilute the players. Top 3 from this tournament get auto separated next time.

To get them in and avoid the flake rate, all players who prebuy get charged 500 but the day of the tournament, the price is 600 (or 100 extra chips for prebuys) That should lock in a few more I hope.

Here is the blind schedule I plan to run. I'd like people to get to play for a couple hours before the blinds start forcing the action

Level Time Small/Big Running Time
1 20 1 2 0:20
2 20 2 4 0:40
3 20 3 6 1:00
BREAK 15 min
4 20 5 10 1:15
5 20 10 20 1:35
6 20 15 30 1:55
BREAK 15 min
7 20 25 50 2:10
8 20 50 100 2:30
9 20 100 200 2:50
10 20 150 300 3:10
11 20 250 500 3:30
BREAK 15 min
12 20 300 600 3:45
13 20 400 800 4:05
14 20 1000 2000 4:25
15 20 2000 4000 4:45
16 20 4000 8000 5:05

Ok Dave, your turn :)
Sorry Dave,
I answer first,
Can't you squeeze those 3 guys ?
If you have any kind of reasonable proof or substantiated concern that chip-dumping actually occurred, those players should not be allowed to play in future events. Period.

There are a few things that you can do to minimize it next time, however:
1. increase the entry/re-buy fee
2. limit the number of re-buys (two or three per player is plenty)
3. limit the re-buy period to the first break only (I'd still do it until second break, however)
4. offer both a half-stack and a full-stack add-on option at the end of the re-buy period (this helps dilute the effect of huge stacks)
5. donate 100% of the re-buy/add-on money to charity -- this is very important, imo
6. have a designated (and announced) table captain at each table who is rules-aware

Imo, awarding extra starting chips for pre-payment is a better solution than a higher cost for walk-in attendees. I'd go with around 20% extra starting chips (T600 w/prepayment, T500 at door).

Regarding your proposed blind structure..... I really don't like it much, for several reasons. The progression is very erratic, and ranges from 20% increases to 150% (!!) increases (averaging about 70% overall).

For a charity event, I'd be inclined to force action early (to encourage re-buys that benefit the charity, hence 100% return), and smooth out the blind increases after the early crazy play has subsided. For a 4-5 hour event with up to 27 players (and a two re-buy limit), I think I'd use this structure with T500 stacks (T600 for pre-payment) and 20-minute blind levels:

L1 1 2
L2 2 4
L3 4 8
L4 8 16
L5 15 30
L6 25 50
L7 40 80
L8 60 120
L9 75 150
L10 100 200
L11 150 300
L12 200 400
L13 300 600
L14 400 800
L15 600 1200
L16 800 1600
L17 1000 2000
L18 1500 3000
L19 2000 4000
L20 3000 6000

The structure doubles the blinds for the first three increases, followed by 88%, 67%, and 60% increases before settling into alternating 50%/33% after the second break (end of re-buy period) for the remainder of the event (averaging about 60% overall). Even with three tables and maximum re-buys, the event should end by L17 (usually by L15 or five hours under most circumstances).. If you want the tournament to take less time, drop the blind level times to 15 minutes starting at L9 or L13.
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