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Nov 9, 2023
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Howdy all!

Am after some advice to help fix a home game that my friend is running. He asked for some advice on how to improve it. It’s an every 3 month game that’s meant to be deep stack and involves a day of drinking and eating and is meant to take the whole afternoon and night. With breaks we want the game for approx 9/10 hours

At the moment, this is the current structure and I feel it needs to be altered to flow better. I personally don’t like the 15/20 minute first 10 blind levels

Approx 24/28 Players
Starting Stack 100,000 with 50,000 top up added on first break

Blind Strucutre as following

Blind 1 - 100/200 - 15 Minutes

Blind 2 - 200/400 - 15 Minutes

Blind 3 - 300/600 - 15 Minutes

Blind 4 - 500/1000 - 15 Minutes

Blind 5 - 1000/2000 - 15 Minutes

Break 1 Hour and 50,000 Chip top up

Blind 6 - 2000/4000 - 20 Minutes

Blind 7 - 3000/6000 - 20 Minutes

Blind 8 - 4000/8000 - 20 Minutes

Blind 9 - 5000/10000 - 20 Minutes

Blind 10 - 10000/20000 - 20 Minutes

Break 20 minutes

Blind 11 - 15000/30000 - 60 Minutes

Blind 12 - 25000/50000 - 60 Minutes

Blind 13 - 50000/100000 - 60 Minutes
Extremely aggressive, lots of 100% jumps in there.

Why are you going long time levels at the end, but super short up front? You are going to knock the majority of the folks out by the first break and the last 3 players will be playing for hours at the end. I usually go the other way, longer time up front, shorter time towards the end. It usually works out to be about the same number of hands per level as the game is slow at the beginning with a full table, but fast at the end with short tables of the better players.

This is a piece of my blind structure, but I use 2k chips, so it might be a bit different. Search around and you should find a good T100 structure on here.

There is so much wrong here with your structure that I wouldn't know where to begin. But what I can say is 9-10 hours is more than enough time for 24 player tournament. One Tip though; double the length of the early rounds (at least) and endure the effects of starvation for that extra hour... :D Good luck
9 hrs is long. Consider 2, 4ish hr games. Opportunity for 2 winners in the same time span. Have dinner between the two games.

100K starting with 50K add on option, is very deep stack. Use Natskules suggested blind structure. Otherwise, 10k/20k in round 10 is only 5 big blinds for most.
I don't understand why the early levels are so short when you want a 9-10 hour tournament. 1 hour in and you're average 50bb deep.

The smooth structure posted above looks good, just needs tweaked for 1k chips vice 2k. Using 30 min levels with your 100k starting stacks + add on it should end on or before level 20 which is 10 hours max play. You can shave off ~100 min for breaks by going down to 20 min around half time or just 25 min across the board.

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